• [SCRIPT] [WIP] (another) gangwar-like script

    Stable version now available at GTA5-Mods!

    After a long time out of GTA V scripting, I though about (re)writing this GangWar script, which I used a loooooot over these years.

    My script is pretty similar to that, but I wanted to rewrite it to make it simpler, yet highly customizable.

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  • Ped "run to" task and distance limits

    Hi! I'm working on (another) gangwar-like script, where you just spawn peds on two teams and make them fight... Now, I'm having some trouble when deploying them on spawnpoints a bit far away.

    First, I tried the task "fight against hated targets" and set the distance between the two spawnpoints - also set their "seeing range" to that distance, just in case. It works fine for close distances, but peds will stand still for far distances.

    Then tried the task "run to" and make them run to the enemy team's spawnpoint, but have the same problem (maybe the distance can be a bit more longer than with the other task, but still not enough for some scenarios). Somebody knows any "trick" to avoid this problem?

    I was thinking on calculating a middle point between the spawnpoints and make them run there instead, but the problem could be the same if the distance is too far - and the middle endpoint could be a random place, like a building or some obstacle and maybe it wouldn't work in that case.


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  • Name change

    Could an admin contact me i really want a name change

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  • RE: Script that changes ReShade settings throughout timecycle

    @df_hw I think it is possible, because I've seen something similar in VisualV's modified ReShade or maybe in the PRSA ENB mod.

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  • RE: Bug reports [website]


    When I edit a mod page, the system says: "Invalid character in description: [ „ ] at: 352 This can cause issues with uploading."

    Invalid characters also: _ | '

    Why " ' " is invalid, how can I write an english description if a lots of normal punctuation mark/glyph is invalid?

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  • RE: An unknown error occurred.

    @Dark0ne Hi!
    I have this problem too!

    If there is any link on my mod page editing form I can't save it

    If there is just one link in the description I can't save it.
    I had to remove the link from the optional link field (which is for the mod's forum topic link) too!
    If there is no link in the description, but I put a link to a forum topic in the optional link field I can't save.

    This worked before like charm, but about 1 or 2 months ago this started happening.

    File upload is problematic too.
    I browse the file, clicks on the submit button, the page reloading and nothing happens, I have to submit the file 2nd time to be uploaded.
    Some times looks like nothing happened after the 2nd submit just the edit form reloading again and I have to navigate to other page and back to my mod page and just after that appears the pending aproval message.

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  • RE: Bug reports [website]

    I found out what causing my problem!

    If I write links in the description or into the optional link fileld which is for the forum topic link, I can't save my mod page.

    If I delete every links from the description and from the link field I can save the mod page!

    Maybe a misconfigured rule causing the problem?

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  • RE: [WEAPONS][RELEASED] Real | RAGE Weapons and Damage Enhancer

    New update available!
    Now fully compatible with the new game update v1.0.1604.1!


    • Updated some files to be compatible with the new game update v1.0.1604.1;
    • Adjusted pistol’s fire rate, now you can shoot faster;
    • Increased the damage of the combat pistol because it is burst firing (fires 3 bullets at once) so it has to be more damage than a normal pistol;
    • Decreased the tank’s rumble and kickback amplitude;


    • New: cops are now patroling with cars in much more areas; cops are now patroling on foot; more peds on all beaches and promenades;
    • Adjusted Euphoria when peds hit by car and peds can grab moving cars longer;
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  • RE: Bug reports [website]


    In case of most of my mods I can't save the mod's page after I edited it.

    Two kind of symptoms:

    1. I edit the mod's description (or else) and I push the save button and the "saving" pop-up appears for a sec and disappears and thats it, nothing been saved!

    2. I edit the mod's description (or else) and I push the save button and cloud flare captcha appears. I identify my self as human (:D) then appears a page with error witch say me that the page doesn't exist.

    I tried with Firefox and Chrome, with and without adblocker, nothing helps.

    Some of my mods I can edit, but most of them I can't.

    I'm using Windows 10 64bit.

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