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My ZMod3 Ped crashes GTA V when I load her in the game-- can someone help?

  • Guys, I can't give up on this; I simply can not nor will not. I don't know how many of you are American, but to those of you who are, when a military vet asks for help, you help. I making a few ped for one such man, and I've gotten so close to it working, but it crashes the game when I load her through a trainer or Add-On peds. I don't know where I'm going wrong here, but I would appreciate any help in getting this to work. Thank you.

  • @BatKnight first thing is to rule out the easiest thing which is to upgrade to a better gameconfig.


  • @Willief23

    I appreciate your reply. Now, I did download your file, and while it did help my game in other areas, my game still crashes when I try to load the ped. Your suggestion may not have corrected my initial problem, but at least I did get a smoother game, so it kinda' worked out.

  • Guys, I've been thinking about my constant posts, and something became very clear to me:

    Either most of you don't know how to help me, or those who can simply can't be bothered. Sure, it's a stark black and white statement, because maybe the right people simply don't visit the forums. Or, perhaps, General Modding in particular. Regardless, this community is a talented one, and I hope to see you constantly expand GTA V into an almost Skyrim-like modded game. I appreciate the replies I've been given, because they were given in and with a spirit of cooperation and assistance. As far as the ones who simply couldn't be bothered? Hey, we all have our asshole moments. No hard feelings.

    Thanks for any and all help.

  • I'm having the same problem. Have you figured out something?

  • @danix93 -- Not yet, but if (...or when) I do, I will post the solution here.

  • @BatKnight Are you using and exporting same number of components, textures and names than the original ped used to create the new?

  • @Rarefacer --Sorry for the delay in responding. To answer your question, I don't believe I am. The .obj model I'm trying to convert is the mesh and one texture, while ig_bankman has several textures and split meshes. Quechus 13's video tutorial is what I'm using to rig the model to ig_bankman, and before hand, I'm following his texture prepping video. It could be there that I'm going in the wrong direction.

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