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Ped Mod Distance Problem? How to fix?

  • @Bomlife visualsettings.dat, search for ped lod distance somewhere halfway in the file and increase values

    take a look at this pinned comment by @Willief23

    New info found out thanks to Sh3nZeR:
    Open VisualSettings.dat and change:

    Lod distances for peds


    Lod distances for peds
    ped.lod.distance.high 500.00
    ped.lod.distance.medium 1000.00
    ped.lod.distance.low 1500.00
    pedincar.lod.distance.high 250.00
    pedincar.lod.distance.high.x64 750.00

    You will take a performance/fps hit with the above settings as its meant for higher spec. So maybe try this for less of an fps hit:

    Lod distances for peds
    ped.lod.distance.high 350.00
    ped.lod.distance.medium 780.00
    ped.lod.distance.low 1000.00
    pedincar.lod.distance.high 120.00
    pedincar.lod.distance.high.x64 240.00

    oh, and try to get @zQrba back into car modding for V :P

  • @ReNNie Yes I know, but it's not working.
    @zQrba is making vehicle mods for the assetto corsa :)

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