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Always display radar in Los Santos Customs/Benny's?

  • Hi everyone!

    Finally my first topic here, I hope you will not be too harsh with me and my somehow poor written English.

    Well, going directly into the subject, one of the tiny little details which bug me in GTA V is how the radar is hidden when still sitting in a car in Los Santos Customs and Benny's as seen in this quick-and-dirty screenshot:

    Not radar displayed in Los Santos Customs/Benny's interiors

    Especially the biggest aesthetic issue being when used with some of the fuel scripts mods available here (such as Simple Fuel by LeFix or Fuel Script V Mod by Sakis25) adding a bar gauge above or below the radar; in such situation the bar is floating alone which quite ruin the UI experience of the game.

    I tried some different scripting methods since almost 3 days but being a huge newbie in the coding area, the ¾ of my attempts wouldn't do anything at all (thanks to being able to reload scripts in-game!) while the other parts crashed the game.
    So my question is: does any scripting wizard hanging around there know the magic formula to always force showing the radar in those specific interiors?

    Thanks in advance for your help. :blush:

  • @skelepap said in Always display radar in Los Santos Customs/Benny's?:

    If you have a problem with the fuel mod just disable the bar with the menu provided with Simple fuel before you enter LSC/Benny's or whatever
    If it's not because of that then i really don't see a reason to put the radar there since it will just be annoying

    Thanks for your reply. Anyway my main concern is about having a seamless UI and would if possible always have the radar to be visible similarly to when the player is in an interior —like in the safehouses and other in-game interiors— but in my case I also wonder how to force the radar to not disappear for those two specific cells (I'm aware it may be annoying for some users, but as with any mods this is optional).
    I think this should be possible with some small scripting, but until now all of my attempts led to nothing or crashes.

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