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Best cars mods?

  • Hi! Today i saw a lot of car mods, but just few of them are really good and attend all the basics just like: Working dials and radio, indicators on the panel, perfect player position and the principal for me: be just like other vanilla cars. When we add a modded car, its sad to see the difference between a vanilla and a modded, generally the tail lights are different, or the texture are weird. So let s get to the point, I ve spend more than 12h hours searching, adding and removing cars, to see wich one fits. Someone pls can send me some decent cars? A good BMW would be perfect(i installed a lot of them, but usually the tail lights are a little bright. Sorry for my bad english! Im trying kkk

  • Sir,

    The very design of this site is suited for your exact needs.
    This mod site has a rating system and number of download stat for each mod.
    I encourage you to sort the car mods by rating and comments and go from there.....

    All the tools you need are built in the site....

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