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How do I create a 3D model map?

  • I don't know if there is a tutorial already for this but I'm curious on how to create a map mod using a 3D model. For example @SkylineGTRFreak's nascar track. I already know how to create maps with map editor and map builder tools but how would I make a 3D model which is imported into the game as a map?

  • @wlupoli Well, this is a general question that comes under 3d modelling. Skyline's track was a port from another game to GTA 5. There are 3d models floating around the internet. You need to find them!

    About getting them ingame, you can look up GIMS Evo tutorials. Thats what most people use. You can use ZModeler3 but its not free and imo its not really that good for maps.

  • @AHK1221 thanks for the input

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