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[VEHICLE] Request for Hauler truck with longer chassis with the Benson's rear part

  • Hello Folks of this awesome community!

    I was wondering is someone, or multiple people could make a truck that has the Cab and front of the Hauler, with longer chassis double axel rear long enough to fit the cargo compartment of the Benson on it, leaving a slight gap between the cab and the cargo compartment to leave space for the Hauler's exhaust pipes. plus retaining the Benson's rear loading ramp door. Handling wise... perhaps that of the Barracks (not the Semi version)

  • @Berethor something like this ?
    alt text
    maybe download the IV Pack :p

  • Hell yeah, but then with the cargo compartment of the Benson on it, the big box behind the benson's cab, with working rear loading ramp door :D

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