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Error: couldn't find model xxxx

  • I had downloaded 17 add-on Car mods from this site and they all spawned just fine until yesterday when i downloaded 2 more, and now neither these 2 cars from yesterday or the 17 cars from before spawn, everytime i try i get - Error: couldn't find model (vehicle spawn name)

    I've already deleted all my mods and reinstalled GTA but they still wont work

  • This is my dlclist.xml if it helps:


  • Maybe cuz u dont have a custom gameconfig? There are thousands on the net search on Google.

  • @AHK1221 I have F7YO Gameconfig for limitless Add-On Vehicles

  • I have the same issue. All my old add-on vehicles work fine but my new ones don't work. The interesting thing is that I can put any number of vehicles file in my game and my game wont crash but any add on vehicles don't get registered. I'm looking for a way to get around this. My method is this; if I can find some way to see all the vehicles files including my add ons ingame then I fight be able get around the fact that the models aren't found.

  • @mando212 How do you do that?

  • I haven't actually found a way to look for add on vehicles in game without having to use a trainer search function. I'll continue looking but I don't think my idea will work.

  • @AHK1221 EDIT: Disregard this, may be gameconfig. 2 of \ can't appear on both sides of a line of letters in a forum post here. @tovarish

  • @mando212 @tovarish there is a limit to how many addon folders you can have in game before either your game just doesnt load or wont recognize the new models. Older versions of the game has less of an addon folder limit then the new versions of gta v. But eventually you run into the addon folder limit. You will have to learn how to combine addon cars into 1 big dlc car pack. You will have to look under tutorials section of the forum here and its made by Reyser it should be in the top 8 posts. F7YO's gameconfig is good but mine will actually push you past the limit that his gameconfig has. As multiple people have told me that they could add more addon folders then his gameconfig will do. But remember you will run into the addon folder limit eventually no matter which gameconfig you use. So you will have to learn how to combine multiple cars into 1 big dlc pack like i have. I currently have over 250 cars in 2 dlc folders.

    heres my gameconfig. i suggest trying folder 4 first and working your way up as there is no one size fits all with gameconfigs. Make sure to read the first 4 paragraphs at the top of the description if you want to improve fps and to solve storymode missions not working and internet on phone not working if you get those issues.


    Edit: also sometimes car authors make mistakes so FD isnt the same thing as fd when you are adding folder names to dlclist.xml file. If you get invalid model or car not found error when trying to spawn with trainer. Open up the dlc.rpf of the addon car that isnt working then go to x64 folder then vehicles.rpf and inside you will see the 3 or 4 model files for the car. Whatever name is listed here for example 911r.ytd, 911r.yft etc then the spawn name for the car is 911r as this is the name of the model file. So you could try that as well.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Willief23 said in Error: couldn't find model xxxx:

    Edit: also sometimes car authors make mistakes so FD isnt the same thing as fd when you are adding folder names to dlclist.xml file.


    It's the file system controlled by windows, it makes no difference. This mx5 spawns fine with these settings.

    The only time case matters is when matching XML tags.


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