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Police boss in chases (NFS like)

  • Hi bros!

    So I modded my game to have a challenging level, mostly for police chases. Just FYI I installed "Fine-Tuned Felony & Response", "World of Variety", "The Stealth", "Faster AI" and "Handling V".
    I'm really happy of the result, so much more challenging now, even in-game races (indeed, races made by modders are still a bit buggy for the bots).

    But I was thinking that, after 5 or 10mn of chasing with cops with at least 3 stars, one unique and badass police car should spawn, a chasing police boss like in NFS most wanted! Only one car to avoid mess, and the car should be a Lamborghini, BMW, McLaren, Porsche, Ford... So many cars could fit with the idea.

    I think that kind of mod would be not so difficult to do, just the main difficulty will be to set up the spawn with conditions for only one car.
    In the installation we should be authorized to choose which car we want for the police boss.

    Honestly that would be so badass and I would be ready to support the mod. If I could, I would do it by myself but I have no time to learn the modding and test creations. But I could help, I can learn quickly and know about 3D drawing.

    Greetings guys and keep it up!

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