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[VEHICLE] Put sirens onto a non-police vehicle

  • I've been searching for a such mod for weeks i just couldn't find any for GTA V. What i'd like is to be able to turn on sirens in any car, like any car could be a cop car, like an undercover cop and such. It'd be nice to drive the armored cars such as the cognosetti with siren.

    I think it can be done by editting carvariations.meta, but it's just unconvenient to edit for each and every car, it would be perfect if there were a simple menu or something. Thanks!

  • ELS is a great one, also sirenmastery has an option for this I think. If you want I can help you with this when I get home.

  • I believe these mods only add more sirens to emergency vehicles. I'm looking for a mod that would allow me to add sirens to a non-emergency vehicle. Thank again.

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