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How to play GtaV off with mod, and still can play GtaV online

  • I installed some mods fot gtav, and when i play online mode, it doesn't work....can i keep mod, and navigate mod when i play Online????
    Sorry for my bad English

  • @cazorlas Playing online with mods is BAD. And you can get BANNED. And its not supported on this forum.

  • @AHK1221 That is not what this thread is about, he is asking how to be able to play offline with mods, and keep them while playing online. I will go through threads and see how because there are a few out there.
    Edit* It is easier than I thought, this is a good link.

  • @cazorlas @TheLoneWolf293 Oh.... my bad.
    All you really need to do(if you don't have any graphic mods like ENB or ReShade) is remove dinput8.dll before launching online. Since I do have graphic mods, I keep two copies of the game, one 100% clean and the other modded. Of course, they are in the same directory as where I installed the game.

    Whenever I want to play online, I rename my clean copy to - "Grand Theft Auto V" and my modded copy to - "Grand Theft Auto V - Modded". The Launcher will pick up on the Grand Theft Auto V folder and launch that game.

    Vice versa for modded. Hope it helps!

  • @cazorlas use mods folder and you won't get ban and your game will work without problem.

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