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Reinstalling GTA5 - Still has mods?

  • When I reinstall my GTA5, Steam version btw, script mods and other mods, such as Menyoo etc. that go right into the GTA5 Directory stay, and obviously car mods, replacements and add-ons, don't. I was reinstalling so I could have a vanilla version copy and a modded, but why are the mods still there!? They never used to be.. I've tried reinstalling several times and it just keeps the mods.... :( Someone please help :( :)

  • Since they were addded by you, it doesn't recognize it as something from the original download, so it stays. Just delete the game through Steam and then go back into the gta v folder and delete the rest :)

    Edit* actually if you want to make it easier you could just delete the whole Grand Theft Auto 5 folder, then downloads again. Don't even need to how through Steam.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 Thanks :) Do I just delete the folder in steamapps?

  • yep, in steamapps/common.. @ethannn_

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