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mods are not working :(

  • In my pc no mods are working.when i click in F4 , its show nothing.ive reinstall the game almost 2 or 3 times bt still it doesnt works.. now how can i fixed it... please help meeeee

  • What do you mean with "click in F4"? Could you please be more specific?
    For example, what kind of mods are you even talking about, script mods for ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, RagePluginHook, LUA ( .asi, .dll or .lua), vehicles, weapons, clothing, maps, retextures?
    Is your game up to date? Mods don't work with older game versions and they do NOT work in online!

  • How to Update?

  • @shariarnahid What exactly do you want to update? Your game or mods?

  • Hes talking about a trainer, usually set to F4. You need scripthook for it man.... It hasn't been released yet. @shariarnahid @Cyron43 @V4D3R

  • @TheLoneWolf293 Look at the date of his/her post. It was a month ago. So that was before the gunrunning update.

    @shariarnahid Sorry but nobody can help you if you are not able to form a proper sentence with sufficient information.

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