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www.GTA5Servers.com - First GTA 5 RP Server Provider -

  • Hello fellow members,

    i would like to share and spread the use of www.GTA5Servers.com. As the title already says, we provide Roleplay Servers for Grand Theft Auto V. There are several reasons for the launch of this service, one being the 24/7 (by 24/7 we actually mean 24/7) Technical, Billing and Sales Support when trying to install and implement certain scripts, addons and such for e.g. FiveReborn. I have personally, back in the days, faced the troubles of certain issues, when trying to raise my horizontal know-how. This is just a simple example.
    GTA5Servers.com is a Server Provider, allowing you to rent a GTA 5 Server (Roleplay Server), Voice Server (TeamSpeak) and generally open a GTA 5 RP community without having to spend too much money and the troubles of implementing certain modifications to a server. We've had lots of requests for such a service, which is why we have decided to open the provision for such an automated and frankly easy to use service. We offer 4 plans, ranging from the Small Package, which is recommended for communities just starting out, as you can always upgrade your service at any time, to our Premium Package, which is dearly recommended for established and highly known communities.

    I would like to sincerely thank you for reading this post. Please help us spread the word about this service, as we can only work together to make certain things in the modding community much easier, especially for beginners who are new. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Live Chat through our Website at www.GTA5Servers.com!

    We are looking forward to servicing you soon!
    The GTA5Servers.com Team

  • Need to know about the service.

    For e.g. which online mod does it use? FiveM? GTANetwork? Somethin like that?

  • @AHK1221 Hello! That's a great question. We offer FiveM and GTA:Network at this time.

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