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Missing road and building textures after installing LA Roads (pic inside)

  • Anyone encounter this? The entirety of Rockford Hills and Sunset are missing roads and building textures. This may have occurred after I installed L.A. Roads plus its patch. I don't know what I can do to fix this (I also have LA Architecture installed, just FYI). I can confirm this isn't a graphics card issue. It stays like this even when I'm at a full standstill
    alt text

  • @forter4 dont use LA Roads. You will have the texture missing problem like you have now and building textures flickering on and off. LA roads looks nice but its not worth the hassle of roads and other textures disappearing. Once you uninstall it your problem will go away.


    @Willief23 I'm using L.A Roads + Patch + Real California Architecture and this isn't happening to me. But combining such mods with traffic using Add-On/replaced vehicles is his problem, MEMORY.

    @forter4 You'll need to choose between having vehicles mods in traffic or just city textures. Both things are not compatible if you don't want to keep having this problem.

  • @Willief23 Ahhh crap...how do I uninstall it?

    I'm willing to manually upload all of the vanilla textures again to replace the LA Road 2.0 file (should only take 30 min), but I don't know what the LA Roads Patch changes

  • @Reyser Double crap...ok I'd rather have real cars than real architecture, even though I loved the Real California architecture

  • @forter4 before anything else. try a different Gameconfig file.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thanks for the tip! I looked up some but do you have any recommendations?

  • @forter4 i forgot the link where i downloaded mine. usually 1 out of 3 would work.

  • @forter4 my gameconfig works very well but dont expect a gameconfig to fix the texture missing problems. Its LA Roads that is the problem. Real California architecture and addon cars will be fine. But not LA roads since it replaces texture in multiple areas. And 90% of the time people have textures missing its LA Roads fault when its installed with their other mods.


  • @Willief23
    Thanks Everyone! I tried other gameconfigs, but those didn't fix the issue. I went ahead and just took my backed up files and copied those in my mod folder again, overwriting the folders that L.A. Roads changed. (x64g, i ,k, l, etc...)

    Bad news is I need to potentially re-install the texture mods I installed before L.A. Roads (HD texture project, Real Billboards, etc...still have to do an audit of the mods I need to re-install)

    Good news is all of the issues are fixed. More goods news is all of my car mods are still good (in my experience, car mods are harder to install than texture mods)

    Thanks for the tips everyone and I'll probably be staying away from the L.A. Roads mod...shame

  • @forter4 Ive got this problem before, missing textures or like you can fell off.
    I install LA roads, Real California architecture, Real Posters, Graffiti And Tags and add-on cars too
    but on my last try and till now, still works. LA roads installed on last step. So it was Real Posters, Graffiti And Tags then Real California architecture and then LA roads and the patch of course
    MAKE SURE when you install LA roads (installation process) dont do anything, cos your HDD is busy installing it. Unless you install on SSD
    and yes, I use @Willief23 gameconfig since few months ago. Thanks for your gameconfig

  • @GPlay90 So by using your installation order will fix it? how long have you played since you fix that missing texture issues? Do you still find missing textures or pop-in texture in some place or it is clearly gone? And do you use the addon car spawns on traffic mod too?

    because even when i'm only using L.A roads mod and addon car spawns on traffic, there is still a missing texture especially in the area where there is a building still in construction (i dont know the name of the area).

  • @lukerodriguez I dont use mod that addon car can spawn on traffic but I replaced almost all vehicles (NPC cars) into real cars (higher textures size) but in this case NO missing textures at all. Only fps is drop by about 12 fps.
    and yes.. I think when you said "do you use the addon car spawns on traffic mod too"
    Ive got missing textures.. IF i try to spawn add-on cars with trainer. Like 8 cars then 9th cars causing missing textures.

    or anyone who read this can try it too. Use spawner that doesnt make add-on cars despawn. Keep spawn till 9th car then it will starting to missing textures.
    If you replacing NPC cars to real one, no missing textures.

  • @GPlay90 hmm did you replace your original car by using car pack? or manually replacing each of them?
    Can i know what your spec is?
    Even there is no missing texture in your game, but do you still experience a texture pop-in?

    I tried to install the mods using your order last night, and installed a car pack that replace almost all vehicle to real car too (around 2,8 GB file size) and i already checked the popgroups.ymt for spawning , but now the missing texture decreased but the texture pop-in still happens a lot, for example in-game when i am looking at a bridge from a distance and turn to another sight and turn the camera back to the bridge, the texture of the bridge will be missing for a second-3 second until it loads again. What do you think the problem is?

    my spec is an i5 6500, gtx 1060 6gb, 2x8 GB ddr4 and installed the game in an samsung ssd 850 evo, thank you so much for your answer :)

  • @lukerodriguez I replacing NPC cars one by one. With this mod, called EMF. Thanks @CSYON for making that
    my EMF folder is about 3.4GB so its like almost all NPC cars is replaced.
    my PC specs is i5 4570 and GTX 760 2GB. Setting are very high and high and also enable 2 on advanced graphics setting and turn up the extended distance scale by 70%
    Texture pop-in, didnt see it. I saw it when I open like 6 tabs on Chrome otherwise, no pop-in.

    really? that happen to me too but when i leave chrome open like 6 tabs. that shouldnt happen, you got much better GPU and CPU too.

  • @GPlay90 @lukerodriguez computer specs has almost nothing to do with texture pop ins. It has to do with the way that gta v is designed and limited to a certain amount of high quality textures before they either disappear or pop in and out/flicker on and off. Since everyone uses a different combo of mods combined with their graphic settings there is no one size fits all for mods. But usually LA Roads is the cause of the problem. If you want to use alot of replace cars in game you will need to decrease some values in the gameconfig to make up for the higher quality cars. You will need to edit vehicles.meta file in multiple locations just search for vehicles.meta in OpenIV you will need to search for the car model once inside vehicles.meta and lower the frequency value number down to 8 or less as this is the spawn frequency for the cars around town.

    Go to my gameconfig page and read the first 3 or 4 paragraphs and it has tips on what values you will need to modify in your gameconfig to help increase fps in your game and this will also help reduce the number of parked cars etc around town. So that textures popping in and out is lowered down.


  • @GPlay90 Hmm glad you're not experiencing texture pop in problem anymore, i managed to fix my missing texture/popin issue, but it showed up again when i get a wanted levels (Police). Did you edit/use any modded gameconfig/popgroups/vehiclemodelsets.meta file? Trying to edit my gameconfig,vehiclemodelsets.meta/vehicle.meta and dispatch file now, just as @Willief23 said.

    @Willief23 Thank you so much for your information, i still experienced this missing texture even without L. A Roads , so i guess the modded car pack i use is the one which cause this texture problem. By the way, my texture pop in problem is gone now when no wanted levels, but it started to shows up again when i have a wanted level. Maybe the car pack i use have a high poly in the police car?

    I will try your suggestion,and look to your link. Thank you again.

  • @lukerodriguez said in Missing road and building textures after installing LA Roads (pic inside):

    Maybe the car pack i use have a high poly in the police car?

    yup, it could be mate
    I use gameconfig from @Willief23 since few months ago.
    and I even use RDE too for past few days now

  • Either memory problem or either archives got corrupted (Max is 4gb per rpf)

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