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[SCRIPT] A mod that I need Badly! D:

  • I've been looking for a while but can't find any mods that I want.
    So I figured that I should probably request it because other people could have use for it too!
    Just a simple mod with nothing but these things:

    Model changer (Can change you into any NPC from the game, including animals. I also want there to be the outfit changing thing so that you can change the looks of the NPC's)
    Animations (Funny movements like dances and stuff)
    God mode
    Never wanted
    Vehicle god mode
    Give all weapons (Only to yourself)
    Teleports (To several locations like the mine, airport, militarybase, etc)
    Scenarios (Also funny movements and things to do, including props)

    I want it to have nothing else but this. No freezing, no kicking people, no killing people, no spawning of money or cars.
    It's to minimize the chance of ban (It makes sense in my head at least).

    I've had another mod, but it stopped working and now I can't find one alike it. It was an "injection" mod that you had to put into another program everytime you wanted to use it, so that it helps with the risk of getting detected.
    That's what I want this to be if it's still possible. It makes you feel a lot safer!

    If anyone would be able to help me with this one, either teach me to do it myself (probably bad idea), or do it for me (better idea), please write a comment so that I can give either my skype or kik out! :D

    Thank you in advance

    - Edit: I forgot to mention it has to work online!

  • @Ermacez I don't think hack mod are allowed on this website you should search somewhere else ..

  • @Ermacez Yeah you're not allowed to post about online modding, as the Community Guidelines posted by @rappo states:

    Posting any of the following on the forums or in direct messages may result in both your forum and website account being banned:

    *Discussions about modding GTA: Online with the intent of cheating.

  • @Ermacez Try your luck there and never ask about online hacking here any more : (

  • God mode online...yeah...that's cheating :)

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