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Script mods simply won't work

  • I've had script mods work perfectly fine for GTA 5 before. But yesterdya I had to reinstall GTA 5 for unrelated reasons. Now when I reinstall the tools and mods, none of them work. I have Script Hook V, Script Hook Net, asi loader and lau loader. As well as the same tools installed via openiv. Every thing's there in the exact spot it should be, all the same script mods, yet nothing working. I am completely baffled and I don't get it. I've re downloaded and reinstalled everything several times and nothing works. I am just.... wow, I don't get it.

  • @GeorgeCostanzaMovie This seems to be happening to quite a few people... Ranging from absolutely no scripts working to just a few. So to be clear, you can't even load car mods anymore?

  • @GeorgeCostanzaMovie Is ScripthookV & DotNet generating any logs?

  • Banned

    Think this is the same as my issue

    What's weird is all the INI files and log files are blank?

  • Banned

    When installing a .dll or .ini based mod you need to right click for properties and click Unblock

    Windows 10 seems to be blocking DLL files

  • @GeorgeCostanzaMovie please reead the requirements of the script you are trying to use. You are probably missing required stuff

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