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[VEHICLE] B-25 bomber and the B-17 bomber

  • @TR71777 Of Course, the B25 had Cannons, rather one cannon, I believe it was the B25 J with the ten or so Browning 12.7mm (0.50 Cal) in the nose as well as the the M2 Model 1897 75mm L/51(?). I am told it was effective against Japanese light shipping, however, it wasn't Semi-Automatic as was the German's 75mm KwK L/48 as used in the German Anti-Tank Aircraft (I'm drawing blanks today).

    For me, such a MOD would ruin GTA's game's creditability. These are, after all, CARTEL Thugs & Gangsters. Such scum could hire Russian Mercs to fly Russian Helicopter GunShips for use against other Cartels or Banana Republics but they wouldn't dare attack American military units!!!

  • @ArmyDicked Then zombies & Tornados & Superheros wont ruin the game huh?it's totally free for us to have the thing we want since this is more of a sandbox after you've completed the storyline : D

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