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Setting, Graphic mods and texture mods for Nvidia Gtx 1080

  • Need some help as i am new to pc, i have just downloaded gta 5 from rockstar and want to start the game with the best settings and mods possible. My specs are Nvidia GTX 1080 with an i7700 and Intel Core 7700. Can someone suggest a list? I have heard that MVGA is good but the download link doesnt seem to work.

  • Well, you have a 1080. You really can run anything, so best advice from me is to get a custom ENB or something having to do with visual mods, and crank those settings to the max. I have a 1070 and I can get 60+ frames with max settings and multiple visual mods. Also I run a 60hz monitor, so i bet i could get more frames if i turned vsync off.

    Short for crank those settings to the max and go all out, you have the ultimate gaming pc :)

  • Keep in mind that your performance depends on the resolution. The GTX 1080 doesn't give more than 30 FPS for me when playing GTA V with graphics mods on 2160p.

  • @elidie93 I have the same setup as you do and I play on 1080p (Playing on my TV; plan to upgrade to 4K in a couple of years) with max settings on everything, except longer shadows (for some reason, my game always crashes when I try to turn that on), turned off TXAA, MXAA only at 4x

    Without mods, I'm running 100+ FPS avg, 88 in dense city areas, and around 50 in grass areas (grass is at ultra). I steer clear of 4K textures because I won't get anything out of it. Tried it once for the trees around LA along with other graphics mods, texture mods, and HQ car mods, and THAT finally bogged down my system to the point of crashing a few times here and there.

    Once I get my 4K TV in a couple of years, I plan to get one of the best GPUs that will be around at that time. And with the 1080ti more than enough for 4K these days, I'm looking forward to what I can with whatever GPU comes out in 2 years

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