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Can't get on GTA Online GTA Net, keep getting game data corrupt message.

  • Need Help! I have LSPDFR and it runs, but I have OpenIV installed, and GTA works only if I have dinput8.dll in the directory, I can't get online with it, and when I take it out, GTA crashes with the old nagging, game data corrupt message. I've looked all over the net and can' t find any answer except that the RPF file may have been changed after installing a mod, most of the mods I installed were self installing from gamemodding. It's not like the game doesn't work, I just can't GET on GTA online anymore when I take out the dll, now it just crashes, I have no problem with FiveM but the same happens with GTA Net, I have done a verify game data twice now, so short of reinstalling which like most, I really don't want to, is there something I'm missing.

  • @sim8t3 just verify integirty of the game files and game will download the missing files. you will be able to run the game afterwards.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I have done that twice now, and all it does is do a big download, eats up my data, I have a limited data cable ISP, but it doesn't seem to fix the problem, by the way I have the non steam version, I doubt that makes much difference though. One thing I forgot to mention as far OpenIV goes, when I open I run the ASI manager to defaults to ASI loader not intstalled and OpenIV.ASI disabled, and if I don't install both, the game will crash with the corrupt game message, is that normal? I just found a thread on here that seems similar to my problem unfortunately the thread died, https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/459/corrupt-game-data-when-disabling-asi-manager-and-asi-loader "I have to delete the files and then run a verify on my files, which usually results in about a 2GB download. I can't work out what gets corrupted or why." Kind of what happens when I do the verify, I can' afford the bandwidth if it's not going to fix the problem it's just a waste.

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