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Updates to site search

  • I made a few updates today to the search functionality on the main site to improve discovery. Besides tweaking the positive results to bring the most popular mods to the top, I've also added the ability to search by author name.

    If you want to see all mods by Aige but don't feel like finding his profile, just search: https://www.gta5-mods.com/search/aige. Or maybe you forgot the numbers at the end of @jedijosh920's username but still want to see all his mods, just search the parts you know: https://www.gta5-mods.com/search/jedijosh

    This is hopefully just the beginning of an effort to get more advanced search onto the site. The next step will be to allow searching of the thousands of tags that are already applied to files.


    @rappo That's fantastic, is something I always wanted to use in this site but never remember to suggest it to you XD Always that I wanted to see any profile (Like Aige or Vans123) I searched for "Ford GT" and/or "Agera One" respectively, now I can simply use their user's name, thank you ;D

  • Thanks rappo. I really appreciate the effort you put into the website.


    Thanks Rappo keep it up for our beloved site ever :100:

  • Great feature

  • awesome :)

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