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[MAP] [WIP] Wallride to the Kingdom of Heaven mod

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/wallride-to-the-kingdom-of-heaven-map-editor

    I started tinkering a few months back and adding on. It's pretty simplistic, but I enjoy it. The water file puts a moat around the castle btw, but then you have to go through the water on the wallride 8 times (yeah, it's an 8x loop of wall, I think each loop is close to 4 km in driving length) There's more to come, but when I have time... and I have to fix the windows in the geodesic dome too and the blank textures on the pyramid and spire.

  • I know this appears to be a self-thread-bump but I really am interested in feedback from those who have played it (now that I see people have) and any ideas for how to make my mystical world more mystical. I know I plan to add some stunt stuff up above, but does anyone have any ideas about structures that might make for inspiration creating a city in the clouds? I plan on doing a massive overhaul and user input would be nice before I get started (with real textures too next time).

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