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[HELP] Tuning not working on add-on cars (carcol.meta "verification"?)

  • Hi

    I am experiencing a weird problem for a while now, which I haven´t yet found out.

    For example:

    I download random add-on mod from here with tuning parts. I have big add-on vehicle dlc-s in my game and when I install that mod into one of them, everything is working fine, actually :) Problems start, when I, for no matter what reason (most often because of conflicting mods), need to change modkit ID of that vehicle. After changing that ID into no matter what (like 2040, which should be unused by R*), whole tuning stops working. I only get to change paint, add the most basic horns and basically thats it, you can´t even mod the suspension(as with 0_default_modkit). Moreover, every car in that pack, WHICH HAS VISUAL TUNING PARTS, loses its tuning. Although cars with 0_default_modkit keep their suspension, window tint & etc (=their tuning is working without problems).

    Basically I need to take broken vehicles out of the pack, transfer them into any other of my packs and when I use the original ID (which means any ID, NOT SET BY ME), then everything works perfect. That same pack, into where I installed that example mod in the beginning, stays broken. It logically seems, that by making modkit ID changes, game "loses touch " with carcols.meta.

    Logically, I am not able to convert any replace mod (with tuning parts) into add-on, because parts will never work (=because I have to assign them any ID by myself, very good example of my problem).

    Of course I know, that you have to have matching data in carvariations.meta as well :) EVERYTHING IS QUADRUPLE-CHECKED IN THAT MATTER!

    I have had this issue over half a year now, since playing on a Reloaded .877 version (I had the same issue on Reloaded .350 alsom both known to be very popular). I recieved a thought lately, that the issue can be in crack? But then, such problem should be much much more common. Would be really happy, if someone shares his thoughts!

  • @HRH Very sorry. but pirated or cracked game contents etc. cannot be discussed here. Forum Rules gotta Follow them.

    i'll have to Lock the thread.

    @LeeC2202 Thanks for the flag.

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