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vehicle mod how remove it?

  • ENG version

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and first I introduce myself! My name is Matthew I'm 27 and I'm in Rome

    That said I'm writing to you because I have a problem:
    A while ago, I loaded a Mod for the police car that was supposed to replace the original model in the POLICE car game.
    I noticed, that very often, the game crashes when I meet those particular cars in big numbers. For example, in front of the Vinewood police station where several of these cars have been parked.

    To remedy the problem, I tried to restore all the files that I modified earlier, with the original game files and the problem at first glance seems to be resolved. But this did not happen. In fact (if I approach the car) it seems to be back to being the original car of the game but after a certain distance the game shows me the Mod car with everything out of place. I leave you screens!
    Away from the car
    alt text
    Near the car
    alt text

    How can I get back original POLICE as in vanilla game?

    P.S. Sorry for the bad english but i'm using google translator i can not write english but i understand pretty well

    Thank you all for the time spent reading this post and for any answers!

    Versione ITA

    ciao a tutti! Sono nuovo del forum e per prima cosa mi presento! Mi chiamo Matteo ho 27 anni e sono di Roma

    Detto questo vi sto scrivendo perché ho un problema:
    un po' di tempo fa, ho caricato una Mod per la macchina della polizia che andava a sostituire il modello originale in game della vettura POLICE.
    Ho notato, che molto spesso, il gioco va in crash quando incontro quelle determinate auto in grossi numeri. Ad esempio davanti alla stazione di polizia di Vinewood dove di queste vetture ne sono parcheggiate parecchie.

    per ovviare al problema, ho provato a ripristinare tutti i file che ho modificato in precedenza, con i file originali di gioco e il problemma a prima vista sembra essersi risolto. Ma così non è stato. Infatti (se mi avvicino all'auto) sembra sia tornata ad essere la vettura originale del gioco ma dopo una certa distanza il gioco mi mostra la vettura Mod con tutto fuori posto. vi lascio degli screen (vedi sopra)

    come posso riavere il modello POLICE originale come nel gioco vanilla?

    p.s. scusate per il pessimo inglese ma sto utilizzando google traduttore non so scrivere inglese ma lo capisco abbastanza bene

    grazie a tutti per il tempo speso a leggere questo post e per eventuali risposte!

    1. I hope you use the Mods folder for OpenIV mods. If so, your problem should be resolved by simply removing that item. If not, well then you need some ass whooping first and then I have to tell you there is most likely no other way than to reinstall the whole game if you don't have a backup of all original files.

    2. Please provide the link to this download, so we can have a look into it.

  • yes i use the mods folder for OpenIV

    The mod link I installed was this: https://it.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/essex-police-mitsubishi-evo-x

  • @Cyron43 You can just run the game with -verify command.... works for steam too.

  • @Nocivo90 Ugh I hate mods which splatter their content all over the place! Okay let's check. So have you replaced all of these with the original files?

    1. carvariations.meta in "GTA V/Mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/mpchristmas2/dlc.rpf/common/data"?

    2. Model files in "GTAV/Mods/X64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf"?

    3. vehicles.meta in "GTAV/Mods/Update/Update.rpf/Common/Data/Levels/gta5"?

    4. visualsettings.dat in "GTAV/Mods/Update/Update.rpf/Common/Data"?

    @AHK1221 Thank you. :slight_smile:

  • @Cyron43 Yep i have replace all of files with original game files

  • @Nocivo90 :astonished: This is nuts! I am ashamed to tell you I have run out of clues at the moment. For all what it's worth, that issue should be gone. I keep thinking and following this thread. Hopefully someone else has an idea. I would like to know myself.

  • @Cyron43 Thank you very much for all your help, I hope to solve the problem sooner or later!

  • I solved by inserting a new mod that replaces the POLICE files seemingly I no longer have crash or lag problems so I would say that for the moment the game I keep that way! Thanks for your help!

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