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Russian Websites reuploading mods from 5-mods, NO CREDIT GIVEN TO AUTHOURS

  • So I was browsing away for 3D models of 2016/17 Ford Raptors, and I found on the third page of bing results a page on the website libertycity.ru, with the title of the page being "Ford Raptor Monster Truck Border Patrol", which is one of the vehicle mods I have made, so I click the link, and it brings me to a page, (In Russian), I quickly skim the page, I see MY screenshots, and then I see many hundreds more of mods stolen from 5-mods. Links to some of the reuploads: http://libertycity.ru/files/gta-5/96884-ford-raptor-border-patrol-monster-truck.html, http://libertycity.ru/files/gta-5/95259-ford-mustang-1965-hoonicorn-add-on.html, http://libertycity.ru/files/gta-5/96939-2010-ford-taurus-sho-tuning-wipers-1.0.html. This really annoys me, and I really don't feel as motivated to make mods, as these russian websites will reupload them, claiming ALL credit for OUR (The 5-mods) community's work!

  • @DevinKan I don't think the admins of 5-Mods can do anything about people reuploading mods to other websites. The thing you could try is to contact the admin of the website that the mods are getting reuploaded to and ask them to remove them from the website, or fix the credits

  • @DevinKan Sorry, but not much I can do about that... do you have any suggestions?

    It's the drawback of having a popular, open platform like 5mods. That website is notorious for stealing mods and the best we can do in the community is to not visit it or support it. If we had actual rights to this content "in the real world" (rather than just in our own modding community) we could send a DMCA takedown request and try to sue if they're not taken seriously, but for most mods - especially those ripped and converted from another game - it's just not possible.

  • @DevinKan they don't claim credit they always credit the original authors all they are doing is making the mod available on their platform the only thing that you don't get out of it is the downloads ticking up on this website instead you gain popularity on their website, i don't see the problem, it's not like a VIP mod that's been made public, its a public mod being distributed publicaly, it's just extending your community reach to people who don't use this site, i'm always happy to see my mods being uploaded to other websites because i certainly cant be bothered doing it and it doesn't do me any harm infact it helps me out, i see my mods being uploaded to several sites and i'm always credited and if anyone from one of those sites ever wants to look me up to see if there's more mods available or something then its always going to link back to the real me either on this website because its the one where the majority of my public mods are uploaded or on facebook or something

  • @AuthorSaulAlan I get what you mean, and I am OK with people reuploading as long as they give credit, but there was nothing on the page (I did control+f) that had my name on it.

  • @DevinKan Your username is on this page under "автор файла" which means "file author"

    Also at the bottom of the page it says:

    Если вы являетесь автором данного файла (Ford Raptor Border Patrol Monster Truck 1.0) и считаете, что ваши права были нарушены, то сообщите об этом нам через форму обратной связи.

    If you are the author of this file and feel that your rights have been violated, then message us about it through our feedback form (http://libertycity.ru/index.php?do=feedback)

    If you need parts of the form translated I can do that as well

  • @DevinKan it says it right there ye blind sod xD! alt text see :p :)

    the places you gotta watch out for people taking credit for your work mate are gta5-mods gtainside and lspdfr where there is a large userbase of non admin people that upload mods and someone might ocasionally try take a mod off a different site and get credit for it same as people occasionally upload gtamania and lspdfr mods here (which rappo quickly removes which is why some mods dissapear off here), other smaller sites such as that russian one where the mods are uploaded by the admins of the site always have the correct credits as they're only trying to provide more content on their site you don't have to worry about those
    gtainside is unlikely to get one of your mods on there without credits because the admins upload gta5-mods mods there on a regular basis aswell as the normal users uploading but it could happen, same story for maniamods

  • @AuthorSaulAlan Oh. Well, then I'm blind. Anyways, I don't want people reuploading mods without linking back to the original file page. I'll have to contact the admins and tell them to either take it down or add a link back (because of my website, youtube, etc. that are displayed on mod pages.) @rappo Oh, and thanks for translating. Never knew you spoke Russian...

  • @DevinKan They'll ignore you more than likely but you can try, if you're that bothered i'd just always add a screenshot to your mods that includes your yt link or gta5 mods profile link in one corner, that way when they take your screenshots it'll still be on there for people to see

  • they gave proper Credits. and left a link so that orginal authors can contact and make the mods taken down . look what it says about my mod

    "If you are the author of this file (MC-27J Gunship HQ [Add -On] 1.0) and believe that your rights have been violated, then please let us know via the feedback form . "

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