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How to properly make a siren mod for GTA 5?

  • I've been trying to change the dull LSPD sirens to something more classical. I have a sound file of Sheriff's siren from Cars (the same one from The California Kid (clip:


    But every time I import it, OpenIV tells me it needs to be mono. So I do that in Audacity, and I try again, still, OpenIV tells me it won't work.

    Any advice?

  • Any help at all??

  • @GooD-NTS might be able to help.

  • @krashadam what do you mean won't work? Can you copy the message from OpenIV?

  • @GooD-NTS "Some files not imported, more information below.

    vehicles.oac(Line 3840): WAVE Audio format is not supported. Audio must be MONO (1 channel) and 16 bits Bit depth."

  • @krashadam so what is exactly problem? Can you make audio in required format?

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • @GooD-NTS It's already in .wav

    @jamathe246 ???

  • @krashadam .wav it is container not format, you need to save your audio file in required format.

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