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Is it possible to remove the fake lighting/glow around the buildings?

  • Is it possible? I'd like to have a mod that does this to have everything completely in the dark when i have EMP mode on in trainers or mods for example menyoo.

  • @enjoythekilling try blackout mod. it is also included in some trainers as an option.

  • Thanks but i already know of that. I use it in menyoo :)

    The problem is that all the lights are out. But there is still a fake lighting around buildings. A glow of some sort. This doesn't go away even with the blackout option enabled. I cannot find any pictures of it at the moment.

  • @enjoythekilling may be they are Coronas. there are mods that remove coronas. but those are for vehicles i guess. wait here and ppl with knowledge will comment. good luck.

  • Download ENB Series and switch
    Should work , however it makes some lights disabled too

  • Ok i'll try that. Thanks :)

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