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Game is acting weird.

  • Hello, if somebody could please help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. Today when I started my GTA 5 none of my add-on mods would load in my game, everything was working fine last night so idk what happened, so I thought I'd go to Steam and "verify the integrity of game files" on GTA5 and when that was done I started GTA5 again and the mods still won't load and now none of my weapons (even default) won't show up in my characters hands but his hand is in the position it would be if he was holding a gun.

  • try updating your open iv and make sure all your plugins are enabled.

  • I ended up completely uninstalling my game and reinstalling the clean version that I had backed up. I appreciate your response though!! If it happens again I'll definitely try that, nothing worse than spending all day waiting for gta 5 to download and then having to reinstall all your favorite mods, scripts and plugins lol.

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