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Does the admin here has actually any minimum standards?

  • :exclamation: Viewer discretion is advised : people easily triggered by truth or criticism shouldn't read this post.

    Not intended to hurt anyone's feelings, but seriously, something is going wrong with the website.
    Too many usless scripts have been uploaded lately and are considered as "mods".

    Let's mention a few of them :

    Mod Critic
    https://gta5-mods.com/scripts/zombie-survival-good-working Literally a copypaste from @HIppieCommunist , where are credits mentionned such as "this is a copy-paste with modifications" an attempt to modify?
    https://gta5-mods.com/scripts/fight-nuke-town-zombies-anywhere-v1-00 Unfinished code, trainers already include this function
    https://gta5-mods.com/scripts/easywantedlevel Do I even have to..
    https://gta5-mods.com/scripts/another-ragdoll-mod One of the most toxic attempt to reproduce something that is obsolete (https://gta5-mods.com/search/ragdoll)
    https://gta5-mods.com/scripts/digitalclockv Doesn't work with different screen resolutions, ugly design, no real function
    https://gta5-mods.com/scripts/one-click-repair-acrew003 Trainers already do this (yes keybinds are not new)
    https://gta5-mods.com/scripts/pedestrian-attack ...

    and these are only taken from the first three pages, the list, in reality, is very long..

    Now, I do understand how easy and tempting it is to download Visual Studio, Scripthook, watch a few fake tutorials, and voila, you're ready to call yourself a modder!

    I'm sorry, but lot of those scripts (as mentionned above) seem to be made just because their authors discovered a few natives or inbuilt methods and thought "oh, it would be cool to share it because I think I make cool things".
    What is even worse is that people actually DO DOWNLOAD it because they are the same kind of people who do not understand the difference between a 10lines long junk script and a thousand lines script.

    Facts speak for themselves : the authors are not able to create updates nor to support correctly their "mods". Why? Because they've not reached a certain programming skill - which can take up to months, or even years - to be able to do so.

    What those people really need is a reality-check, just stop, sorry to disappoint but this mod is too similar to some other content, insert reason here. The current uploading logics is just crazy, it's like someone is scared to say "your intentions are good, but the content is terrible".

    How many 'mods' are we going to see uploaded until we realize it is wrong? When gta5-mods will consume too much bandwith or overtake all the allowed server-disk space? Believe me or not, but this is how it works in reality : you can collect all the apples and place them in your basket, but once you reach the basket limit, you will have to remove expired apples or worm-invaded apples, or in contrary, you will think it is normal and keep buying new baskets.

    Again, this post is not intended to offense anyone (it's sad that I have to repeat it because nowadays it seems you get randomly censored if you criticise anything), I'm just asking questions.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Yes, there are standards - you should see the things I reject! I accepted the scripts that you've linked to because I try support beginners that are starting out. You're expecting everybody to be a professional scripter from the start with no opportunity to grow. Your feedback would actually be valuable for these authors if it wasn't so condescending.

    I've been doing this a very long time, and I'm pretty confident in my judgement of what should and shouldn't be accepted. Also there is no danger of running out of disk space. Thanks for the feedback and concern.

  • @xquist Totally Rubbish Comment. has no Value. Adds Negativity, negates many Creative Mod authors.

    Take me For example. i was new & knew nothing about modding when i came here for the first time. let alone create mods. and with time . i am gaining new skills and stuff.

    what you are doing here sir, is deliberately trying to Offend the Admin @rappo and many Mod Developers, Creators who are established or are trying to make mods for the first time.

    your Post is Completely Non sense.! i have nothing against you. but look at your comment.

    fake tutorials? incomplete Scripts? non updated? these mods most of them. are created for free. and in leasure time from students and people who spend time creating stuff for themselves. and later share cool stuff here. They are not Professionals.

    if it was upto people like you. no Mod website would be there.
    if you try and observe. Mod creators work hard. Moderator's work hard. and Admin Does a superb Job.

    I have not seen a better updated. and better kept website for mods than this. it's growing by the day. and mind you no one can be Perfect.

  • @xquist Salty af "Viewer discretion is advised : people easily triggered by truth or criticism shouldn't read this post." As if what you had to say was that traumatizing or controversial lmao

    Also if all these trash scripts bother you, then why don't you get out there and make something yourself, you've contributed nothing to the site.

  • @xquist said in Does the admin here has actually any minimum standards?:

    Now, I do understand how easy and tempting it is to download Visual Studio, Scripthook, watch a few fake tutorials, and voila, you're ready to call yourself a modder!

    How can a tutorial be fake though? xD I actually started modding by watching them, and (not saying I'm very good at modding but..) I get by. I get pretty good ratings too. We all have to start somewhere right? I respect your opinion, and the time you put into this post. I'm just saying that, sometimes because you disagree with someone, or something, doesn't mean the thing you disagree with shouldn't exist. As a matter of fact, putting a trigger warning in the title, actually tells me that you're the one who's triggered by this. This isn't Gawker, dude. Maybe that site will suit you better?


  • @sollaholla Fr lmao i cracked up so hard when i read that part xxxd he seems like some crazy conspiracy theorist or some shit tbh

  • Ah, the old adage... I know, therefore I am better (at everything) than those who don't know.

    Last time I looked, the main site wasn't a technical showcase, or an exclusive page for those who think they are better than the rest. It's a creative showcase, open to all, used by all... and most importantly, welcomed by the majority.

    For any form of creative talent, a place to perform is essential for fostering that talent. It doesn't matter if its a script that does one function that exists elsewhere, if it's a map that adds something simple, if it's a simple texture that merely changes the appearance of something insignificant... it's all about being creative... not being clever/smart. You open yourself to criticism and you open yourself to praise, that's the price you pay for creative aspirations. The criticism teaches you and the praise motivates you, you need them both.

    Sadly, this "other people are not good enough" is a toxic attitude that plagued the early life of the games industry in the mid 80's. Where the people with technical knowledge decided to elevate themselves to a pedestal above everyone else, because they believed that knowledge = power. They'd strut around, dishing out snippets here, assertive corrections there, proclamations of how your idea "was a bad idea", so they could demonstrate how what they did was better, and what they had that you didn't have, made them even better still.

    If you believe brandishing the phallus of infinite knowledge, is what makes someone great, then the truth is, it just makes you a willy waver. Ask yourself this... is that one snippet of information that you believe makes you better than everyone else, really any more significant than an (allegedly) useless script that only a few people find useful?

    That amazing function that does X, Y & Z with this hidden data, is worthless to a modeler, worthless to a texture artist, worthless to a musician, and equally worthless to a map builder. See how that amazing information is stacking up now? You've appeased .01% of the 20% cut of the creative pool that just happens to be interested in scripting, that's not that great really... welcome to everyone else's reality, where you're not actually as important as you think.

    And let's face it... anyone who claims that a multiple keybinding mod can be done in a single line of code in a C# script, is quite frankly putting themselves on a coconut shy, just begging to be knocked off. A single line of code in a C# script? That would be the using statement at the top... good luck getting that to run and do something useful.

    And if it's supposed to refer to that puerile pursuit of "writing lots of code on one line", nobody, absolutely nobody, is ever (or has ever been) impressed by that. Had someone come to an interview in any of the many studios I worked in and demonstrated that, they would have been laughed out of the interview.

    On closing, I do actually find the connection between the avatar choice and the attitude interesting. :thinking:

  • I know that xquist guy. He accused me of stealing the code for my XMLIO library from an old (2001) Sourceforge project with the same name. I didn't even know about it until he accused me. My XMLIO is based on the WCF DataContracts and that didn't even exist back in 2001! It looks like we have a troll on board who has nothing better to do than to stir up trouble.
    He has also destroyed a thread I made in this forum by derailing it with hatred. This thread was an acceptance test for a new VAutodrive feature but since he jumped on everyone who replied something positive, there were no new comments because (that's what I think) no one wanted to deal with being attacked by xquist. At the end I deleted the thread and the new feature will not be implemented because as of now I am totally fed up with this shit. I am done with publishing mods! Thanks to xquist.
    If only I could tell for sure who posted part of my VAutodrive code on pastebin without my permission but I can't remember the name. That avatar picture, however,... hmmm...

  • @Cyron43 you should report abusive comments or threads , for the moderators or the admin. that's what we are here for. on forums on gta 5. next time just flag the post.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I did but there was no response (rappo deleted the pastebin-link though). The thread is marked deleted but I guess you as a moderator can still go in: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/9759/script-wip-recognizemovingtargetspike-acceptance-test-target-audience-preferably-other-script-developers-and-experienced-gamers/3

  • @Cyron43 if rappo dealt with it. i have no doubt, he took the Best possible action.

  • Just here to give my 10 cents worth.

  • Another pointless thread. Why do people feel the need to voice their dislikes to random strangers on the internet? If you don't like the mods - don't download them.



    Simple mods don't have to be bad and they can act as great starting points to mod the game. Not everybody has to make overly complicated mods which target a select niche and ensure there's absolutely 0.0% overlap with any other mods.

    I mean, my InversePower can't be called unique nor complex but for me it was a pretty good point to start messing around with the game.

    As I see it, GTA5-Mods is just a platform people can upload their things and then it's up to the users how popular it gets. What's so bad about that? Some mods get lower ratings and possibly get feedback from users, which the authors can use for their next projects.

  • @VancityD He's cowering with his pretentious scowl, inside his egotistical being.

  • @xquist You were way too kind in your analysis, LOL. Worry about offending someone, LOL? That was a VERY small sampling too. Too much BS that at the very least, needs their own categories - in particular, kiddie mods and those ridiculous and annoying International mods.

    Why cannot we have a mods category to dump all the Romper Room rubbish into it, and also a category for the International BS? It would really clean this place up and make it so much more tolerable.

  • @eshenk bro you're talking about kiddie mods and rubbish? you uploaded a retexture pack where all you did in most cases was duplicate the original texture four times and put them side by side to make it look bigger and you didn't even try to make it seamless, shotty work, deserves to be put in the kiddie category, also you're other shit is good but it belongs in the international BS category. sry due LOL.

  • @eshenk I think you need to think back just a year, when you were putting things like this on the site. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/burger-king-at-the-ammunation-office

    Nobody created threads about getting them removed and in fact, people helped you to get better. Yet based on the user download numbers, that mod would quite easily fall into the classification you and the OP seem to think are not worthy of being on this site.

    Makes me wonder if you would have been quite so supportive had this thread appeared a year ago, targeting mods that included ones you had uploaded... I guess we'll never know.

    One of the people making those mods the OP listed is 16 years old, still in school... yet still manages to provide something useful (to 430 downloaders) and I personally think that deserves more credit than they are being given. They were certainly big enough to take the criticism levied in the comments on the chin, and to respond to people with problems.

  • @VancityD Thank you. :slight_smile:
    However, he did real harm by publishing code which is clearly copyrighted and also by pi**ing me off so much that I refrained from further contributing my work to the community. The latest update (today) of VAutodrive was an exception and just because @elcreador added a second version of his hoverbike with a handling.meta which better plays with VAutodrive (no constant attempt to pitch down), but in order to have users benefit from it, I uploaded V6.12.4 because the previous one handled this and other VTOL vehicles as a plane.

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