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How to edit sunrays?

  • Hi

    I wonder if anyone know hat file/files that change the sunrays?
    Im using a visual mod that have removed sunrays and I want them back.

    Thanks :)



    @xxx78 probably you'd want to look at the vanilla timecycle xml's and compare them to VisualV's and search for godrays or something like that.

    tbh, I have no clue :speaking_head:

  • @xxx78 Increase <light_ray_mult>

  • Thanks guys, I will look into it :)

  • hmm I tried to locate files that have "<light_ray_mult>" and it was many in the timecycle_mods_1.xml, timecycle_mods_3.xml and so on. It was to many to really grasp what to modify and to what setting. Any suggestion to where to start?

  • What do you want to do?

  • @HeySlickThatsMe thanks for replying, I want to have "sunrays/godrays" back in my game. In VisuaV this effects is removed and Im trying to get them back. But there is son many edits done so I have no idea where to start...
    I asked author now for help, it seem difficult to do...

  • I got a solution from Author so Im good for now. Thanks for help guys :)
    To edit sunrays: Change light_ray_mult values in weather files (w_*.xml).

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