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Franklin`s Buffalo

  • Hi there.....i saw a Mod/Skin with the Buffalo3 and a Mass effect Skin......is it possible to do the same with Franklin`s Car (buffalo2) ?

  • @Hades1990 I don't think it'll work, Franklin's Buffalo (from what I know atleast) doesn't have any livery support on it, so somebody would have to template the car and then make the livery for it.
    But what you can do is replace Buffalo2 with the Buffalo3 files (rename buffalo3.yft, buffalo3.ytd, etc. to buffalo2.yft, buffalo2.ytd, etc.), that way you'll have Buffalo3 as Franklin's PV and it should work without any issues. Although, I'm not sure if it'll work correctly in missions, it should work just fine in them since it's basically the same model but you never know

  • This post is deleted!

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