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[VEHICLE] Hyundai i30 (New Generation)

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm looking for a nice Hyundai i30 compact (the new generation) for my game.
    I'm driving one of these in RL and I would really enjoy to drive one of these in GTA V.

    I would offer about 5-10€ to the first one, who can make this (if it is looking better then the two models you can find at the moment)

    So thanks for your help and please excuse my bad english.


  • i think modelers would need more than 5-10, good HQ models can cost over 50 dollars

  • @largeaj2020 you'd be surprised what the costs can be and what you get, a $75 model can have an awful interior no door sills no engine etc lol I was super surprised the first time I worked on one and realized how bad the expensive ones can still be

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