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Topic/Comment Deleted Removal Suggestion

  • Hey @rappo

    I hope this isn't a duplicate thread, but I think it would be much better if a topic/comment that have been deleted is completely removed from the website rather than having it say "This topic/comment has been deleted!"

  • @Zackintosh This is part of the forums system that I'm using and I agree that it's a bit strange, but I get why it's done that way. The idea is so that I don't make a post here calling you all sorts of insulting names, then you reply, and I delete my message, so now nobody else knows what the hell is going on in the thread because you're replying to nobody! I'll see if there are any edits I can make to this behavior, though.

  • @rappo I see. In that case, you can maybe keep the message for deleted comments but remove it for deleted posts.

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