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Is it possible to edit effects of being wasted/busted?

  • Hi
    I searched to forum but it is too many irrelevant hits to try to find something.

    Anyway, I want to edit the effects of being busted and wasted. The current mechanic is that I lose all ammo if busted and pay up to 5000,- to hospital if wasted. I want to know where this can be edited?

    Would be great to increase wasted costs to maximum 50000,-, and lose 30% of money if busted. Is this possible?

    I know there is a few mods that add things with scripts but I was hoping it was possible to do something without scripts.

  • @xxx78 I think the amount of money lost is hardcoded in the scripts, so IDK if you can do it without scripts.

  • @AHK1221 Thanks for your response, thats bad news, I guess I have to use some mods then...

  • I have been looking around for mods that have some kind of penalty for being busted/waste, and I have found a few.

    Lost Weapon [LUA] 0.1 - Lose all weapons if busted or wasted when having wanted level
    The Dead Lose Their Weapons - Lose all weapons and money if dead
    AccountInBank 1.1.6 (not working) - Lose all cash when busted or wasted

    All these give very harsh penalties for being wasted /busted. Anyone know about some mods that have less harsh consequences of being wasted/busted?

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