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[SOLVED] Please Help! Invalid Model when spawning Addon's.

  • Hi, Im new to modding and I keep on getting an Invalid model error when I try to spawn an add on vehicle. been trying to for the past week and still the same thing. I know how to replace vehicles but addons are not working. Can anyone help me? The mod menu works fine just when I input the models name in the vehicle spawn menu it isnt loading. I have the enhanced trainer, menyoo, and the add on spawner (dont know how to add on cars for the add on spawner menu (cfg file). I follow the instructions such as dlclist and extradata, but still hasnt worked. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • @Cliffjumper2012 looks like the vehicles.meta and handling.meta files are not changed to the vehicle's spawn name.

    For example if you copied vehicles.meta or handling.meta from another vehicle, you need to change the spawn name of that vehicle to the spawn name of the vehicle you're trying to make an add-on off.

    So if the handling.meta/handling.meta has a spawn name of say for example tailgater you should change it to the spawn name of the car you're trying to make an add-on of.

    Note: in vehicles.meta the name of the vehicle only appears once so you should only change the name once.
    In handling.meta you should change the name 4 times because it appears 4 times.

    I'm not home until tomorrow so I can't provide screenshots to make it clearer.

    I hope you understood what I meant.

  • @Zackintosh Cool thanks. I will try it later tonight after I come back from my accounting class. I hope it will work. Will let you know.

  • I also have the same problem,it started when i installed a new handling for the cars,then game crashed,deleted the mods folder and reinstalled the cars that i had without the handling mod(it was a speed increase mod,for original in-game cars not add-on) and it still says the same thing " Invalid Model" Maybe it has something to do with the forced patch against the online money glitch ?

  • @Zackintosh Yeah I tried it and it still isnt working. Do you have the screenshots or something. It is so frustrating because I tried for a whole week to add on vehicle and it still is saying invalid model.

  • @Cliffjumper2012 I had this problem after installing an addon car. It wouldn't spawn that model and it stopped my others from spawning too. When I removed it, things worked, so I presumed it was a faulty mod.

    Turned out it was a resources issue and when I installed one of the "tweaked" gameconfig files to allow for more addon cars, everything worked. This is the one I use https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars

    Yours might be a different issue but thought it was worth mentioning this as it solved the same problem for me.

  • @LeeC2202 Cool. Yeah I'll try it soon see if it will work. Will let U know. Thanks for replying.

  • @LeeC2202 I figured out why it wasn't spawning. Finally! I needed a .ini file for the model name in order to spawn the correct model and have it in the gtav folder and the dlc pack folder. Perfect timing though since my last exam is tomorrow for summer semester....lol I needed to create a .ini file from notepad for each add on and then change the model name for the new addons. For example:

  • @Cliffjumper2012 Glad you got it sorted... I would never have figured that one out. I can code mods but some of this modding stuff is too much for my old brain. :D

  • @Cliffjumper2012 thanks for your comment, have yet to tried out the new gameconfig but when you said .ini file, what do you mean by that. I'm probably the most untech savy person ever so maybe screenshots or something would help or just like a step by step tutorial. But yeah once again thanks for the help and am happy to see that you got yours working, hopefully mine will be working as well soon.

  • @Cliffjumper2012 Nevermind, the new gameconfig worked. Thank you so much for all the help

  • Ik I Am Late To this discussion,
    But i had this error a few weeks back, and i fixed it. Its just carelessness
    When You add on cars, You are requested to edit the dlclist.xml and extratitleupdatedata.meta.
    So while you edit the dlclist.xml
    you might see these lines at the last
    In the instruction notepad it says to copy the lines at the last, but remember to copy it above these lines. or else the error will come
    And when you are requested to edit extratitleupdatedata.meta ,you will see
    these lines at the last
    Make sure you copy the lines (given in the notepad)
    above these lines.
    if doing both of these correctly your error will be solved

  • @Skik_The_Gamer said in [SOLVED] Please Help! Invalid Model when spawning Addon's.:

    And when you are requested to edit extratitleupdatedata.meta

    Your best bet, is when you see that request, you ignore it completely.

  • Also, if this isn't at all obvious, make sure the addon folder is contained within the dlcpacks folder. I got so excited about an addon that I had downloaded, that I forgot to put it in there and had a 'scratch-head moment' when I couldn't spawn the vehicle!

  • I have a similar problem, if install any vehicles in dlclist on mod folder (Including oiv mode) the game dont work in your initial screen, if erase the line in dlclist, the game is back, if i install in dlclist on main update folder, everythings works, but when i spawn vehicle name, appears the text "invalid model". Can you help me?

  • @camaroon I have the exact same problem as you and i can't find a solution. never had this issue before and this copy of gta V is freshly re-modded.

  • @SirAxolotlTheThird the topic has been marked solved , please try the solution

  • HI bro so i added two cars the first one is working i did add the line in above path but my other cars keep saying model not valid,but i also added the line above path ! i don't know what i did wrong? can u help me please!

  • @LeGendaryZeox get a gameconfig file for your game. use main website type gameconfig in the search bar. install it and that has a huge chance of helping you. Good luck.

    edit: and also make sure you have placed all the files including edited dlclist.xml file in the mods folder not the regular update folder.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thanks bro i found my mistake you're the best!!!

  • @LeGendaryZeox glad to be able to help.

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