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[Solved] Enabling fog lights on front bumper

  • I'm editing the Granger and I want to make the fog lights on the bumpers work. The round lights just below the headlights in the below image. Currently when switching to the fog lights it just makes the regular head lights brighter
    alt text

    Found some info on how to map the fog lights, but couldn't get it to work.

    If the bumper falls off, will the fog lights fall of with it? I don't want the lights to float.

    Any help appreciated

  • @glennoconnell for fog lights to turn on with the headlights. give them same texture material as the headlights. which would be vehicle_lights emissive after you are done with that, Give the Fog Lights Proper polygon Id's when in polygon mode, headlight_l is 1 headlight_r is 2 for extra lights etc there are different polygon id's .

    once you apply light emissive material and give the polygons of the fog lights proper polygon id's they will switch on and off. and work fine.

    as for them falling with the bumper. put those fog light dummies or polygons inside Bumper Dummy.

    i hope my comment was Helpful. Good luck.

  • @glennoconnell id use extralight_1 and 2 and label the vertice id as 13 and 14.

  • @flynhigh09 how about applying lights emissive texture matrial too :P (that's very important.)

  • @FoxtrotDelta I think I've followed your instructions but not it's not worked.

    • Imported granger_hi.yft
    • Selected the bumper fog lights I want to enable, changed the material to pranger_lights (vehicle_lightsemissive), and remapped the textures
    • Changed each of the bumper lights IDs in polygon mode (14 and 15)
    • Same changes in granger.yft

    In game, when I switch to fog lights, it still just makes the main headlights brighter, rather than switching on the bumper lights.

    Ive imported the XLS model to see how it works there, and I noticed the XLS has small green cubes names extralight_1 + _2 where the bumper fog lights are. Do I need these cubes on my Granger model (sorry for not knowing the correct terms lol Still learning)

  • @glennoconnell well that's because you gave it polygon id's 14 and 15 which are polygon id's for extralight_1 and 2.

    i told you to give them polgon id's of the headlights. which are polygon id 1 and 2.

    14 & 15 was suggested by another person above me @flynhigh09 << if you follow his way. then you have to name those fog lights with new dummies named extralight_1 and extralight_2 .

    while they way i told you with polygon id's 1 & 2 you don't need dummies like extralight_1 & 2 you just need to give polygon id's of head lights.

    just change those polygon id's from 14 and 15 to 1 & 2 you will see they will switch on and off with the headlights.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Got it! Where you said "headlight_l is 1 headlight_r is 2 for extra lights etc", by etc. I thought you meant I would have to find the corresponding number for the fog lights (which lcpdfr said would be 14 and 15)

    alt text

    So if I wanted the bumper lights to be off, and only turn on when I switch to fog lights, I would have to use @flynhigh09 's method? Is creating new dummies a difficult process? Would prefer them to just be fog lights, but I'm happy for them to be always on if it's a complicated process.

  • @glennoconnell what is the name of each fog light in the bumper'? just rename them to extralight_1 and extralight_2. but for extralight_1 polygon id should be 14 and extralight_2 polygon id should be 15.

    right now you are using them as headlights. Im glad you got it working :)

    Edit: what is the name of those fog lights right now? what did you name them? change their name to extralight_1 and extralight_2

  • @FoxtrotDelta Right now the lights are still a part of the bumper, so when I select a light it's name is 'bumper_f'. Do I need to detach them from the bumper?

  • @glennoconnell Yes if you want them to work like @flynhigh09 suggested. as extra lights. you need to detach them and change the detached parts name to extralight_1 and extralight_2. with polygon id's of extralgihts i.e 14 & 15.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Perfect!

    Regular lights
    alt text

    Fog lights
    alt text

    They seem to disappear when the bumper falls off too which is great!

    Seems to be a little bug on the left fog light, seems to shine through the bumper,might have accidentally selected something else alongside the fog light, will go back throught he process and double check.

    Thanks for the help!!!

  • @glennoconnell make sure to put the detached foglights. under (inside) the Bumper_f dummy.

    the bumper_f will show + this sign, when stuff is placed inside it. just drag and drop those lights into the part that says dumper_f under in structure tab, where you usually rename the parts.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Yep they're already in there.

    Would this be the cause of the left fog light problem?

    With just the left fog light selected, the three lines (not sure what you call it) is in that position
    alt text

    If I enable just the right fog light, its still in the same position as the left
    alt text

    Would that mean it's giving out double the light on the left, and none on the right?

  • @glennoconnell it means the corona will only be on the left. you need to detach them furthur make them into two different lights. so that they each can have their own central axis point. that point in the center generates corona.

    So just detach them both into extralight_1 and extralight_2. and hit center axis button. so those axis thingies, on the left will be in the center of each light :) those are called axis points. they should be in the center of the light. if you don't like coronas just make them so that they are behind the light part itself. that way they will not come in front of the light and you won't notice them.

  • That fixed it! Axis's needed centering. Thanks so much for the help!

    No doubt I'll need some more help along the way :laughing:

  • @glennoconnell Good luck.

  • @FoxtrotDelta One last thing!

    Noticed on L4, on both regular and _hi yfts the lights appear like this
    alt text

    Is that right? Seems weird they're the only rendered part. I only ask because the Granger isn't spawning in traffic like it usually does. Just double checking everything in zmodeler before I check anything else.

  • @glennoconnell That's because these lights don't have lods yet. you detached them from L0 of the bumper. you have to make atleast 3 lods for these lights. so that they don't disappear at a distance. but since all other lods have the lights in the bumper. no one will notice this bug. turn the lights on during the night time. go far away from the car and use sniper rifle to zoom in and look at the fog lights do they disappear at a distance?

    Edit. if the ligt disappears or doesn't look good at t distance during night time. you have to make 3 lods for these lights you created. Creating lods is easy for these small objects :P just copy the lights 3 times. and put each copy in each Lod like L0,L1,L2 atleast.

  • @FoxtrotDelta The lights stay on :) No need to create new LODs then right?

  • @glennoconnell yea. no need. but if you do create lods. that will help you keep the Quality. and you can be a good mod creator.

  • @glennoconnell idk if you are interested into it but read this,

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Thanks! I found a similar list on lcpdfr.com that gives all the ID/Names too.

    (Admins can mark this thread as resolved btw)

  • @glennoconnell said in [Solved] Enabling fog lights on front bumper:

    @MrGTAmodsgerman Thanks! I found a similar list on lcpdfr.com that gives all the ID/Names too.

    (Admins can mark this thread as resolved btw)

    My topic is about how you can create your own light system and how to fix bugs

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