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[VEHICLE][WIP] Granger facelift (lore-friendly)

  • I only like lore-friendly vehicles, so I'm trying to tweak and update some of the base game vehicles to make them a little more modern. With the Granger, I'm trying to make it look a bit more like a Suburban with a few tweaks that don't change too much of the original design.

    alt text alt text alt text

    • Made it all one color
    • Moved licence plate to the rear door. Added some detailing around the licence plate. Added Declasse logo and moved plate light.
    • Removed 3500LX badge. Moved and rescaled Granger badge on rear door. Added Granger badge to side door
    • Removed black plastic area from front bumper, tweaked plastic trim
    • Removed bullbars extra
    • Added windscreen wiper to rear window
    • Wing mirrors and door handles painted
    • Higher suspension
    • New wheels
    • Black trim between side windows (undecided if I will keep)

    Future Changes

    • Enabling front bumper fog lights
    • Adding more chrome trim to side steps, around side windows, trunk ledge, roof rails
    • Adding tow hook
    • Editing interior. Changing back seat row into individual seats. Adding extra unusable third row of seats. More interior lights.

  • Looks good, does this car have breakable glass and LODs?

  • @TheF3nt0n I hope so! I've not changed any of the glass so that should work just fine. Just a case of updating all the LODs to match the tweaked version (I believe).

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