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Help for Add-On props collisions!

  • Hello everyone! I'm doing some map mods using add-on props (completely new buildings and roads) but collisions isn't that good. For example, when I hit a wall with a car at high speed, the car penetrates it as if it where no collision. Another thing is that on a road build by me a car did not makes any tyre signs on the asphalt and also did not plays the sounds of tyre screech. Everything looks just as a ice block.
    I'm using .ydr extensions with .COL as group of dummies. Is there a way to make collisions work better than this?

  • @danix93 There is a tutorial on YouTube about making a GTAV object, I think uploaded by @Rarefacer. It contains info about apply flags and stuff to the collision, so it can have different behaviours. In the video he demonstrated by applying the "Stairs" flag, which made his object act as a stair. Maybe there is such a option for a road, too?

    Also, @Rarefacer can help you with your collision bug in which vehicles pass through objects.

  • Thanks a lot! guys! I'll check it out!

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