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[COLLECTION][REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) 3.1

  • @Yard1 Any news ?

  • @MAESTRE They only do lore-friendly models.

  • @Think_Tank Actually I'm making a juggernaut model for this amazing mod, so.. No.

  • @MAESTRE well, they said they only do lore-friendly stuff, but that just means fake, I don't know what their stance on using BF4 models is.

  • Hey guys, sorry for the silence, been busy with school (and still kinda are). I hope to put up a new dev post soon, we have worked on some nice in-game and out of game stuff :) Have a screen by Jax - can you see something new?

  • @Think_Tank It's not from BF4 the ped I'm making man. It will add more realism to the game, it won't replace any gta ped.

  • @Think_Tank Yeah this dude is legit. Dilapidated asked him personally on his riot ped mod or something.

  • nice work man @Yard1 have any idea when it will be relesed

  • Banned

    @ilayarye As I have seen, the mod is in beta. They have recruited beta testers.

  • @MvcGyver @Yard1 i am down to take part of the beta test and yard i will recomend to add sahp and lssd skins for the police mavrick

  • @Yard1 yo can you make some unmarked cars as well?

  • @ilayarye RDE already has SAHP and LSSD Mavericks

  • @ilayarye Did you play RDE before? The unmarked Stanier is use by the LSPD since release

  • @Bondergomme i didnt ment the stanier i ment other cars such as geanger(wich i know already out) and some other stock cars wich look pretty cool unmarked plz try to understand before sayin

  • @ilayarye From what I understood, Yard won't add any new unmarked vehicles before 3.0 is release. Maybe later, but the mod is already pretty big. As the team already said, they won't add anything just for the sake of adding it. Quality over quantity.

  • Thanks for all the support everyone! I really like @Yard1 's idea of doing an AMA session but unsure if things will work out due to timezone differences and our busy schedules. We should have some more teasers lined up for you guys soon. As far as updates go there's not any big things to share at this point but we'd love to hear your questions. Stay tuned!

  • @Dilapidated Is it safe to estimate the release before the year ends?

  • @Stryfaar While I wont give a specific date it's safe for me to say we will release 3.0 before the end of this year. I'd like for us to have it done by the end of this month / end of November. We'll keep you posted. The plan is to give you guys a one week notice before release with a giant teaser video highlighting all of 3.0's features.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @joshbon007 Go ahead, share your modification. Just don't say that your mod thats made for our mod is better. It's Realism Dispatch Enhabced, not Swarmed By Cops Dispatch Enhanced

  • @Dilapidated Are there any anti-tank soldiers if you're in a tank and anti-air if in an aircraft? Tanks are pretty OP... :D

  • @Golden_Darknezz You haven't seen what SA Nat Guard can do to those "OP" tanks xD

    Anyway, sorry for the silence guys, I had some rough time in school, and I needed some more media for the new dev post. I hope to make one before the weekend.

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    @Yard1 Good thing I ditched school!

  • We are proud to present a new addon that will be bundled with the RDE download: RDEmergency!

    While Fire & EMS are not the main focus of our mod, we felt that we could improve how they look like, mainly by including separate jurisdictions - just like for law enforcement. The addon features new Ambulance models made by Lt.Caine and new skins for Ambulances and Firetrucks, that thanks to our new small script, will only spawn in their jurisdictions.

    From top left to right - Los Santos Fire Department, Los Santos Fire Department LSIA Crash Rescue, Blaine County Fire & Rescue, Los Santos County Fire Department (Not all skins pictured)

    The mentioned script works very similarly to the Area Livery Mod for GTA IV (by Sam), and can be configured to support any model, number of liveries or zone. By default, it will only be installed with the RDEmergency addon and configured for the Firetruck and Ambulance. Separate download is possible to appear soon.

    Another new exciting and unique feature we are preparing is the custom RDE .OIV Creator - RDE will be installed as an OpenIV package, but this custom program will prepare a customized package, where you can select, in a similar style to Skyrim/Fallout FOMOD/Nexus installers, which addons, configuration and optional files you want to have in your game, and simply install the created OIV package with OpenIV. No more hassle with files! Manual installation will still be possible.

    RDE .OIV Creator

    Aside from this, we are still working on the script. While we have squashed most of the bugs (and vehicle AI works great!), the performance badly needs improvements due to all the new features we've added. Right now, we have stutter and FPS drop issues. But don't worry, we have top men working on it. Top. Men.
    Content wise, there are a few minor touch-ups to be done, and we are looking into switching the military juggernaut model into something more menacing.

    As usual, not giving an ETA.

    As an apology for being so silent for so long, have some new screenshots :)

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