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[COLLECTION][REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) 3.1

  • @Think_Tank I think we won't need to do much in order to adapt the script - I am pretty sure LC support can be added by simply editing the config files :)
    @MvcGyver Roadblocks and helicopters are handled by dispatch.meta, not by our script (non-rappel helicopters can however be used with the script, and the script supports armed land and air vehicles).

  • @Yard1 You still haven't answered my question yet that I've asked, have the female ranger's behavior fixed yet? So she'll behave like other cops. What's the fleet of LSSD and BCSO other than Staniers or Grangers?

    As I see your latest answer. So, we'll still have one sheriff department in counties on roadblocks if we installed the Sheriff of Blaine on RDE 3.0, are you gonna temporarily remove the roadblocks so they'll not interfere with both sheriff departments or create a new script to integrate with RDE script so they'll appear on roadblocks properly?

  • @TheF3nt0n Female rangers spawned by the script behave as cops, but we have not managed to fix them completely, as that would require to edit peds.ymt. Check out the RDE vehicle showcase in the first post of this thread to see the fleets. Countryside roadblocks are exclusively SAHP now.

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    @Yard1 Will the RHIB armed boat and Submersible3 be included in RED 3.0?

  • @MvcGyver No, armed boats are still not working, but USCG will be getting a marked submersible for underwater chases.

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    @Yard1 I was able to run RHIB by modifying handling.meta, vehiclelodyout.meta and vehicle.meta, but then I modified other files and I can not get it to work anymore. I still remember what I did to make it work.

  • @MvcGyver Well, you can get it to work, but you can't get the weapon on it to actually aim and shoot.

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    @Yard1 Yes, I could get it to fire by changing handling.meta changing <Item> VEHICLE_WEAPON_TURRET_INSURGENT </ Item>

    <WeaponSeats content = "int_array">
               </ WeaponSeats>

    The mounted gun worked, but then I do not remember that I modified it there.

  • @Yard1 Nice. Well, yeah, but then there's all the models and textures and stuff. This mod isn't just a script, it's a bunch of new agencies and departments with new models of cars and people. Maybe you don't need new car models, just new liveries. And won't it be a while before traffic can be edited, or will that come with proper map modding? If it will be a while, then it will be a while before you can even think about it.

  • @Yard1 peds.ymt have been unencrypted, check the link. It's the peds.ymt from the original game, It will work like as expected as before it was edited.


  • @TheF3nt0n Thanks, I have just fixed the rangers and added them to our files.

  • @Think_Tank We will worry about that when we have LC in V :)

  • Maybe, you should fix the RDE peds.meta so they'll have it's original personalities, walk styles, ped types, and it's ped's quotes.

  • @Yard1 I assume you've seen the openiv site. If you haven't, they are teasing that. I don't know if they mean they will do that for us or if they just mean we can finally map edit (which the roadmap shows is already done, just have to do some menu and UI stuff) but considering they did Open Cam, I'm guessing they MIGHT just do the porting for us.

  • When release RDE 3.0? Because we did past end November.

  • @tolgagures Not giving out dates at this point.

  • @Yard1 I've been using RDE from the beginning, and I can't understand why others can't wait patiently for the release like I'm doing. :confused:

  • @Akila_Reigns Simple, they really want RDE 3.0 so badly, maybe some ignorant users who can't wait to get the mod to work and they can't even respect the beta testers who are testing the mod to find every single bug or glitches, I've been using RDE from the beginning too, ever since it was released and I'm not even bitching about release date.

    @tolgagures Dude, give it a rest, just wait until the team releases the mod, impatience won't solve anything.

  • How is the going this mod? What's new?

  • @tolgagures - It's still being worked on. Hold tight!

  • I hope i can play 3.0 before christmas :grinning::grinning::grinning:

  • @DAVIV-GUETTA Wouldn't a Christmas release be better, so it feels like a present?

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    Maybe the creators of RDE 3.0 might consider including my mod. It is the SWAT tactical truck of the Los Santos Police Department


    alt text

  • Some assorted screens by @RafaelSousaSam

    It's coming soon!

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    @Yard1 Give me RDE 3.0 as a Christmas gift, Yard1.

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