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[COLLECTION][REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) 3.1

  • @MvcGyver hell yeh @Yard1

  • Heya guys. I was just wondering if the Arcade option will still be there? Sorry if i missed that somewhere or it has already been answered! Looking forward to try this out when it comes out!

  • Banned

    @Varia According to an image that they published, there will be an option called GTA 3 Style.

  • @Varia The following configs will be present:

    • Arcade
    • Balanced
    • No Army
    • Realistic
    • GTA SA Style

  • @Yard1 @MvcGyver
    Thanks for the answer!

  • @Yard1
    Could you please sum the presets up?

  • @Yard1 release date?

  • They aren't giving any release dates

  • I've noticed that you have added loads of new vehicles but the Vehicle Showcase link hasn't been updated since March. Would it be possible to add the new vehicles to the gallery please.

  • @Spanish_Bombs Yeah, I want to do that when I have a while.
    @Dada-Mirdal I have very short summaries written up, I'll post them when I come back home.

  • @everyone

    We have some very exciting news coming soon! It's highly recommended that you keep close tabs on this forum in the coming week. ;)

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    Last night I dreamed that Yard 1 posted RDE 3.0 (images, instructions and download link) here. It seems that my dream will come true very soon xD

  • @Dada-Mirdal
    Taken straight from our installer:

    • Realistic - This configuration will provide a realistic police response, while still being fun and challenging. However, not all features of RDE will be enabled in order to provide a realistic experience.
    • Balanced - This is the base RDE configuration, allowing you to experience everything RDE has to offer, at a slightly more challenging level of difficulty than vanilla. Recommended for first-time users!
    • Arcade - This is RDE cranked up to the extreme - can you survive San Andreas throwing everything it's got at you? Remember - losing is FUN!
    • GTA:SA Style - Party like it's 2004 with this classic GTA:San Andreas inspired configuration.

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    @Yard1 How will the mechanics to get the sixth star? Will it be like FiveStarResponse.dll? Do military units of land and air appear together or separately? Will there be more customization options in the SixStarResponse.ini?

  • @MvcGyver The mechanics for the sixth star is dependent on how many cops are killed whilst at a 5 star wanted level. This threshold can be edited via the INI to raise or lower the amount of kills to reach 6 stars. Military units depend on the config you use but vehicle response begins at 4 stars now. What that means is you could have the military after you if you're in a jet, a tank, or a heavy vehicle beginning at 4 stars albeit with a lower spawn amount to match the current threat level. The response types and difficulty will continue to grow each wanted level becoming progressively more difficult. 6 stars has been coded to behave just like all the other wanted levels and is completely configurable within the xml files to the user (you can pick different settings during installation or even create your own). Zones/Jurisdictions also have an impact on the wanted level and will permit different spawns bringing a balance of realism and variation. So to put it bluntly: You can expect 3.0 to provide an adequate challenge no matter if your atop Mt Chiliad or 100f below the sea.

  • @Dilapidated @Yard1 Okay... I'm curious. Considering that there will [hopefully] be working aquatic weapons on boats in the upcoming Import/Export DLC for GTA:O, do you plan on adding weapons and using the USCG Defender that @SkylineGTRFreak made in RDE 3.0 (It would certainly look good)?

  • @nathanjamesddg151 If/When weaponized aquatic vehicles become available they will most definitely be added. The USCG Defender will not be part of RDE 3.0 but will most likely make the cut in 3.1 (whatever version comes next). It just needs the real life branding removed (honda) and some small edits first. The reason its not included in 3.0 is because we had a "no more models" agreement for this version so that towards the end of development our sole focus would be on the release.

  • @Dilapidated It's all chill. I don't use RDE, so it makes no difference to me. I'm just curious if someone will be adding weapons to it if/when weapons on boats becomes available. I guess @SkylineGTRFreak will probably end up updating the Defender if/when weapons become available on boats.

    EDIT: About the branding... as @SkylineGTRFreak and I found out, the markings are actually modeled on the boat, though with your experience, I doubt removing it will be much of an issue.

  • @Yard1
    You have no idea how honestly excited yet patient i am for this. I know this has probably been said a bunch, but the fact that alot of you guys came together to create this experience of a mod is outstanding and also amazing. The work every single one of you put into this. Modelers, Scripters, Testers, everyone apart of the realism team, you have all once again come together to create a magnificent experience for a magnificent game! One small question that im also sure has been asked and answered, but will we be able to create our own customs variations of RDE to share with others? like these two?

  • @nathanjamesddg151 @Dilapidated I'm doing some extensive work on the Defender model to get it ready for Coastal Callouts. Adding seats, working lights, etc. The model does have some issues which make it difficult to work with, especially with regards to mapping and LODs. I do believe the RDE team would want any model included to have proper LODs. @SkylineGTRFreak and I have been talking about adding a mounted gun if this upcoming DLC update makes it possible, and will integrate that with the various other changes I'm currently developing. We're all busy and it's too late to add models to RDE 3.0 at this point, but hopefully it'll be available for a future version! At the very least it'll be included when Coastal Callouts is eventually released.

  • @GTAfan16 Of course, creating and sharing configs will not only be permitted, but also encouraged.

  • @Yard1 when will RDE 3.0 exactly be coming out? Because I have been waiting since September for an update.


    @Yard1 Can we get some accurate pilot peds please?

  • @firepilot24 said in [COLLECTION][WIP] Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) 3.0:

    @Yard1 when will RDE 3.0 exactly be coming out? Because I have been waiting since September for an update.

    Next week :D

  • @DAVIV-GUETTA ok thanks :) I am excited.....

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