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[COLLECTION][REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) 3.1

  • I am truly impressed with depth, models, textures, scripting, all the hard work, and collaboration that went into developing RDE. It's simply amazing, it's brought new life to GTA V, especially when paired with LSPDFR, and role playing as a first responder just isn't the same without RDE.

    I look forward to 3.1 with all the updates:

    Thanks for summarizing the list of updates. Keep up all the great work!

    It took me awhile to figure out how to make RDE work with LSPDFR. Until a more official fix comes out, a temporary fix to get you up and going is to remove the 6-star wanted scripts. Be sure to also use the gameconfig file that that prevents memory crashes:

    Also if you run with SNT (Simple Native Trainer), be sure to toggle off "Police Won't Dispatch", as this causes spawned units to stay stuck in their spawned position.

    @Yard1 @Dilapidated @NefariousBonne
    For added impression would The Realism Team be open to the idea of adding another jurisdiction for university police at ULSA (University of San Andreas, Los Santos)?

    alt text
    Of course the skin would be lore friendly, representative of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles):

    I went ahead an shopped up a decal for ULSA police:
    alt text

    alt text

    I could work on lore friendly university police badges, and patches if you guys are open.

  • @SAStateTrooper Thank you so much for the help, it all works fine now.

  • Hm,looks like the new DLC doesn`t have anything Patriot-like that could be used by the Army in GTA V.
    But i found this cool looking HD Patriot that would fit in RDE quite well as a Replacement / Addition to the lighter Military Vehicles and it has even turreted Versions:

    So what do you Guys think?
    Also,found anything nice from the Gunrunning Update that would fit in nicely in RDE?

  • @Chris-W. That model is locked, and IIRC the turret version is non-functional (the turret is just for show). We will stay with the Humvees for now.

  • @Yard1 Humvee?Meh!
    Just kidding,still feels weird.As for turreted and heavy armored Military Offroaders we still have the Insurgent and the Insurgent gets some nifty Upgrades with the Gunrunning Update.

  • Banned

    The land transport vehicles of the United States are the Humvees. Those patriots vehicles are HUMMERS that are humvees made for civilians and police.

  • Official announcement regarding the OpenIV situation

    As most of you should be aware; the team behind OpenIV has received a cease and desist from Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company. In response, the OpenIV team has decided to shut down; and will cease support. As a team, we are deeply saddened by Take-Two’s decision. However, modding is often a gray area; and companies often change the way they approach modding. We wish the best to the OpenIV team in their future endeavours, and would like to thank them for their irreplaceable and invaluable service to the community; starting with Grand Theft Auto IV, and evolving to support Max Payne 3, and Grand Theft Auto V.

    As for us, we will continue to develop and release RDE as planned; provided the modding tools which are required still function. As of now, we don’t have any thoughts about abandoning or stopping development.

    In the meantime, make sure to show your support for the cause of modding - spread awareness, contact press and Take-Two, do not buy any of Take-Two’s products.. Show the corporate executives that the modding community is not to be trifled with. Together, we can do this, and we can set a precedent that will discourage other companies from following Take-Two.

  • @Dilapidated Nice to hear that and your right we should make a statement and stop buying Take2 products

  • Banned

    I wonder if OpenIV also decided to cancel Liberty City. :-(

  • I would be totally okay with Liberty City not coming to GTA V via Modding IF Take 2 would take back the C&D Letter,kinda as a Gentlemen`s Agrement between both Factions.
    But sorry,i´m going too Off Topic here.Glad you Guys are still working on RDE.

  • @MvcGyver The C&D sent was for both OpenIV and the LC conversion.

  • Banned

    That means that RockStar plans to do or are doing some DLC in Liberty City or some Spin Off of GTA in Liberty City as they have observed the business potential they would do if they introduced Pay Mods. This is really sad.

  • @Dilapidated @Yard1 @NefariousBonne OpenIV and ScripthookV are back from dead wooohooooo. Please continue this mod...

  • Banned

    @joshbon007 The mod was never stopped. In the community they said that they would continue in spite of the fact that OpenIV was stopped.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Banned

    These are some of my suggestions or wishes for some update of the mod after having played since its launch:

    -Military Roadblocks to the sixth star (Barracks or Crusader and a group of soldiers) at specific locations as checkpoints.
    -Armed military water vehicles
    -The soldiers use fragmentation grenades.
    -Armed Helicopters for SANG (Like Valkyrie, but no explosive ammo).
    -The Rhino, Hunters and Lavs only use their machine guns when the player is walking on foot. These vehicles now fire their cannons or rockets when the player is walking on foot with the exception of the A-D Lav which uses his machine gun when the player is on foot.

  • @MvcGyver said in [COLLECTION][REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) 3.0:

    -Armed military water vehicles

    Sounds like it might be possible now, though I don't know if anything is even in the works in general.

    -The soldiers use fragmentation grenades.

    Not entirely sure if the AI is able to use grenades, other than tear gas, which acts different than normal weapons.

    -Armed Helicopters for SANG (Like Valkyrie, but no explosive ammo).

    There's an Annihilator with side miniguns in the works, though lacks a chin gun (basically the same as the Valkyrie variant).

    -The Rhino, Hunters and Lavs only use their machine guns when the player is walking on foot. These vehicles now fire their cannons or rockets when the player is walking on foot with the exception of the A-D Lav which uses his machine gun when the player is on foot.

    I would personally approve of this, just for balance reasons.

  • I have some suggestions as well:

    • IAA dispatch at Humane Labs and Research(mirroring the story); loadout has Combat Pistol and Special Carbine.
    • Merryweather dispatch at the Los Santos Naval Port.
    • Madrazo Cartel will drive the Baller and Huntley S in addition to the Cavalcade(not service personnel but still dispatch); they will also use the MEXICAN_L3 loadout and have a custom personality named Cartel.

  • @ATP2555 Merryweather responding makes no sense as they are a private military company and not law enforcement. The Port authourity/port police responds in the ports ad that is their jurisdiction and they should be the ones responding.

  • Who says they have to be law enforcement to respond?

  • @ATP2555 Of course it doesn't need to be law enforcement, but having a private military company respond to a small dispute at the docks is just nonsense..

  • @Swed1431 well not 100% right. as you know merryweather own a hangar in the port that mean they will respond to protect their hangar but if you will go to the other ports wich they not own an hangar the port auth will responed

  • @ilayarye Yes they own a hangar there but that means that can only protect that hangar, they don't have any authority outside that hangar.

  • @Swed1431 well that right

  • Banned

    New MRAP style vehicle NOOSE:

    alt text

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