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[COLLECTION][REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) 3.1

  • @Yard1 Will it crash if recording with the R* Editor?

  • @Yard1 Do you know if it'll work with GTA 5 Redux? Thanks!

  • @Zentronex It shouldn't (doesn't for our beta testers), but that can depend on the PC specs.

    @Nattiejim Redux replaces a lot of things, and while we have not tested this, I believe that installing RDE after Redux will work.

  • @Yard1 Great! Also, will the addons (BCSO and FIB) be released along with the main mod, or will these come later?

  • @Nattiejim Alongside the main mod, they will be provided in the download (and highly recommended!). There might also be a third addon, but that's uncertain at this point.

  • @Yard1 Great! Can't wait for the release! (Also, thanks again for the AMA.)

  • @Yard1 If it's highly recommended, why not make it part of vanilla download?

  • @Think_Tank This way people can choose whether to install it or not. It is recommended, but if somebody doesn't want BCSO or extra FIB stuff, they can just not install them :)

  • @Yard1 Does the clr.dll crash at five stars fixed in 3.0?

    Event Viewer:
    Faulting application name: GTA5.exe, version: 1.0.791.2, time stamp: 0x577cc8ce
    Faulting module name: clr.dll, version: 4.6.1085.0, time stamp: 0x57a4fd94
    Exception code: 0xc00000fd
    Fault offset: 0x00000000005b578c
    Faulting process id: 0x4b8
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d2162ae7f21969
    Faulting application path: E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Games\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\GTA5.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\clr.dll
    Report Id: 33b436e9-8222-11e6-aa2e-408d5ce21483

    It's happened to everyone with this mod.

  • I can't wait... Thanks for the dedication

  • @Yard1 Mkeezay30 said "I've customized 3.0 for it's inclusion in Realism. I know so many people like over the top, but juggernauts with no body physics is something I can't get past when playing. Especially after designing a physics based method of taking them out tactically, only to find out it doesn't work." Do you have anything to say to that?

  • @Yard1 Sorry to ask, but do you plan on releasing shortly? (Again - sorry for any annoyance caused. I know this has been asked many times.)

  • @Nattiejim No, their estimate is a few more weeks this time. But they don't know if that's the EXACT release date. We'll just have to wait and see.

  • @joshbon007 That crash has been fixed, the script is very stable now.

    @Think_Tank Juggernauts now have body physics like every other ped, and rockets don't go through them. They are still impossible to knock down though!

    @Nattiejim As I said, we are hoping to release it in a few weeks, but that may change depending on various circumstances.

  • @Yard1 Will there be separate emergency services as well? (LSFD, LSCoFD, BCFD, all with ambulance units)

  • @Yard1 ATM hunter (helicopter) can be destroyed by 1 RPG shot. While cargobob requires 3 RPG shots. Are you going to make it more armored ?

  • @Tukkan No, that proved to be very hard to implement. The Ambulance and Firetruck textures will however be improved.

    @Mr_Cheburashke We do not plan to make it more armored.

  • @Yard1Well I hope in the future you do. Its very strange when armored helicopter easier to destroy than unarmored one.

  • Built the latest beta today, look what has been added:alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Some Question :

    1. Will they're be an option to make RDE compatible with IVpack?
    2. Are they still major bugs (Game crash at : certain location, wanted level, NPC/Vehicles spawn) that need to be fixed?
    3. Military vehicles convert by Skyline are greats, but could he use more textures from vehshares? I know its a fucktons of works, but it would be awesome to see.
    4. Speaking of Military vehicles, any plans to use unopieceo's Patriot (which was converted to HD era by Thundersmacker and to V by Darewnoo) as an alternative to the Humvee? Of course, it need to be re militarized (again alot of work) but its such a great model.
    5. Any chance with the A.I. behaviour and balancing? Does the cops still have the accuracy of an elite sniper? Are they still having speedboost while driving? Could they use Police Baton? Would it be possible to make a script so you can bride them OR they ticket the player?
    6. Are they plan to develop new agency in the future? Like :
      Los Santos County Sherrif Volunteer (no guns, would only patrol the street) ,
      Del Perro Police Department,
      Rockford Hills Police Department,
      University of San Andreas Police,
      Los Santos County Animal control (respond during peyote hallucination in Los Santos) ,
      San Andreas Fish And Wildlife (When the player kill wild animal/respond during peyote hallucination outside Los Santos) ,
      Parking Enforcement (Patrolling the street),
      I've rediscover Abraxas's texture pack and it "Inspire" me.

  • @Yard1 When it's possible to add traffic to the Liberty City mod, will you guys do a Liberty City version?

  • @Bondergomme

    1. We won't make a compability patch, but we encourage users to make one themselves.
    2. All major bugs impacting stability have been fixed, but keep in mind that RDE adds a lot of new content therefore it might be less stable than base game. That being said, there are no bugs.
    3. It would take too long to convert them, not really worth the effort.
    4. The patriot model is locked, which makes editing impossible. We will stay with HMMWVs for now.
    5. AI has already been tweaked in 2.2, but we have added some more tweaks. They don't have the speedboost. We are working on bringing some non lethal weaponary to the cops, but that might not be done for release. No tickets or bribes.
    6. We do not plan to add more agencies, especially ones so specific.

    @Think_Tank We have not thought about it. For now, we will focus on getting 3.0 released.

  • @Yard1 , I have a question. İs this mod includies Lt. Caine' EMS Pack?


    I suppose it'll be unfeasable to make the cops box you in like they do in NFS:MW?

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