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[COLLECTION][REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) 3.1

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    Grab 3.0 here:

    Hey guys, I suppose I should share some progress on RDE 3.0 with you. The models and textures are continuously being improved while we are waiting for Dilapidated to get his new GPU so we can finish with the script (which is going to be soo amazing).

    The Realism Team has been hard at work to bring you the highest quality lore-friendly content. We are aiming at improving the variety and quality of the emergency services and law enforcement in the world of GTA, and RDE 3.0 will be miles ahead of RDE 2.2.1. See for yourself! I'll start with a vehicle showcase of vehicles we have currently:
    RDE 3.0 Vehicle Showcase

    Please note that not all vehicles are pictured (a good deal is however) and all content is subject to change. I'll try to keep this album up to date.

    On the subject of peds, some of you might have noticed the various peds I have been uploading. Most, if not all will be present in RDE, alongside some other minor model changes/fixes. We are also improving the texture quality of the peds. Some of the new peds include:

    LSIA Police
    LSIA Police


    Various new SWAT peds

    There is also Port Police, of which I don't have a good screenshot right now.

    That would be all from me right now. I will update this thread when I have something new to show. More information about the script will also be shared at some point. Hopefully, some other team members will also come by to say hello.

    Cheers folks,
    Yard1 and The Realism Team

  • Finally some information from you guys,by the way the classic patriot (Lore Friendly M1116 Humvee)is converted by someone in the site,go check it out,I remember you guys talking about it at some time ;D

  • New car added to the showcase, the San Andreas Department of Corrections an Rehabilitation Declasse Merit. Expect to see it around Bolingbroke.

  • @Yard1 Love this mod , can't wait for 3.0 It's a must have.
    I have a question , for rde 3.0 :
    Do you think it will be possible to install only the new content in a new rpf (the new added vehicules and players) ?
    because I replaced lot of things with the last version of RDE and it's gonna be a mess to reinstall all I did before with all theses values changed in metafiles

  • @cgz Sadly some files in update.rpf will need to be replaced, as update.rpf overwrites everything else. If we put those files in our rpf, they would be overwritten by vanilla files from update.rpf. Then again, you can manually install only the models and peds, it's quite simple.

  • Looks very nice! Looking forward to playing with the new update :)

  • I just noticed. The Declass Merit for the Prison has slightly wrong wheel collisions. I think. The wheel sinks into the ground slightly.

  • @J9090 It's just because of R* Editor, it works just fine in game.

  • Some new stuff (well, first one is not so new :P )

    FIB SWAT - alongside FIB Police (based on, well, FBI Police), they will be a part of optional Federal Law addon. I'll see if I can upload this ped separately soon.

    Thanks to OpenIV Team which managed to convert the carcols.ymt to an editable format, we have experimented and sucessfully added a new Federal Government plate which will be used by NOOSE vehicles - just like DHS vehicles use in real life. The carcols will also allow us to fix some emergency lighting issues with the cars.
    NOOSE Plate

    Now, this might seem like a small thing, but I have also improved the USCG ped by adding a leg holster, one extra head and an ability to spawn in tactical gear. On the left you have the normal gear, and tactical on the right. The tactical gear works like the bulletproof vest on LSPD Male Cops, meaning it won't spawn normally but can be configured (and will be) to spawn after a certain wanted level was reached, and will grand additional survivability to the guardsmen. The design is based but not 100% true on the USCG Maritime Security Response Team. Aside from boats, the USCG will also use a modified Swift helicopter, of which I should have pictures soon.
    Improved USCG

    More, as always, to come!

  • Are you guys up for suggestions?

  • This is awesome I endorse you to release this mod

  • This looks absolutely AMAZING. You guys put a lot of hard work into this. Is there any possible release date yet

  • And here is, as promised - the US Coast Guard Swift!
    USCG Swift
    It will spawn only when player is in the ocean on higher wanted levels, supporting (not replacing!) other helicopters.

    Aside from that, the script will allow to not only configure the health, armor and weapons of peds, but also components and props! You can make a variant of a ped with low armor, and one with high armor that also has the bulletproof vest component always on! More information on the script later - Dilapidated is working his ass off trying to catch up :P

  • Another update - not much to show, but a lot to tell! As you know, RDE has a special "in-house" script - FiveStarResponse.dll (FSR) which handles the spawning of special vehicles, such as tanks and planes. Dilapidated and I have worked hard on expanding it. One of the main problems with the dispatch.meta system (that's how I'll refer to the vanilla wanted level system) was the lack of configurability - we were limited to 3 predefined zones and amounts of passengers, weapons etc. were hardcoded. Now, our script can successfully replace most of dispatch.meta (leaving only helicopters and roadblocks in - helicopters can be spawned by FSR though), while providing greater configurability at almost no performance and stability loss. Examples include:

    • New zones, each of which has different units responding - run away from SAHP on the highways, get into shootouts with Airport Police at LSIA, experience the beauty of SA State Parks while being chased by Park Rangers, or hide from LS Sheriff Department in Davis and LS County!
    • New vehicles, which were not supported by dispatch.meta, such as Riots and Insurgents packed full with SWAT.
    • Complete configurability - choose the ped models, armor, health, weapons, components, props, vehicles, amount of passengers, spawn and respawn times (min and max), spawn distances and more.

    New FSR will enable us to fully utilize all new peds and vehicles added to RDE 3.0. We believe that the configurability will allow every user to create a perfect experience for themselves.

    In the graphical department, Alex_Ashfold has been hard at work improving the textures on the peds. The devil's in the details!

    New belt and badge textures
    New Belts and Badges

    New lore friendly radios
    New Radios

    Aren't they great? Officer Ronson agrees!

    In the meanwhile, Nefarious_Bonne and I have worked on new Beta Cop based LS Sheriff peds to increase variety and diversity (previously they used the same model as BCSO Deputies - while the BCSO addon will still be optional, you should use it!). Don't mind what's going on in the background - the perp and Deputy Wade are just having a friendly talk.

    New LSSD Deputies (WIP)
    New LSSD Deputies

    And to finish it off, SAHP got a shipment of new bulletproof vest (configured to only spawn at 3 stars and above by the FSR script). Fun fact - they were the only LE agency in RDE which did not have them.

    SAHP Vests
    SAHP Vests

    But wait, there is more! AlexVonShep used his mad skills to make various police stations more realistic and life-like - they actually make sense now!

    Mission Row
    Mission Row

    Vespucci (notice the giant decals gone)


    Beaver Bush

    That will be all for now. We are getting closer and closer to the release - which only means we are picking up the pace! Stay tuned for more updates!

  • @Yard1 , this mod includies West Vinewood Sheriffs? And you will make Vapid Sandking LSSD?

  • Are you going to use Brickade model in RDE in the future ?

  • Just gonna leave those two pictures here:

  • Tell me, would you consider doing a fivereborn/multifive version of this? It might already work, but if it doesn't, then it'd have to be remade in lua. Online NEEDS this!

  • Six Star Response:


  • @Yard1 You must send this to Rockstar. So they know what we want to see in GTA VI

  • @Yard1 Who will attack us except military?

  • @Mr_Cheburashke The following law enforcement agencies will be present in RDE:


    • Los Santos Police Department (LSPD),
    • Los Santos Sheriff Department (LSSD),
    • Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO, optional addon),
    • Los Santos Port Authority Police (PAP),
    • Los Santos International Airport Police (LSIAP)


    • San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP),
    • San Andreas State Park Rangers (SASP),
    • San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (SADCR),
    • San Andreas National Guard (Military)


    • National Office of Security Enforcement (NOOSE),
    • Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB, expanded in optional addon),
    • United States Coast Guard (USCG)

  • @Yard1 Again - this looks great! Hope development's going well!

  • Gone are the days of being invincible in the skies. SA National Guard has some new toys, and they know how to use them - expect getting hit by both cannons and rockets.

  • Everything in 3.0 looks absolutely gorgeous. I really can't wait to mess around with its new features when it comes out. Anyways, do you guys have anything else planned with the mod (eg. riot shield
    units and snipers being deployed onto rooftops etc)?

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