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[COLLECTION][REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) 3.1

  • @Yard1 add Los Santos sheriff Los Santos transit unit and add del Perro police and Ls parking enforcement and a taxi variant and a unmarked vapid interceptor and lspd fugitive

  • @Mr_Cheburashke Merryweather?

  • Banned

    Where's the release?

  • @AngryDJ When it's done.

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    @Yard1 At this rate NEVER!

  • This post is deleted!

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    @TheAdmiester They said it was done, they lied!

  • Good news everyone! DZ aka Bilago is again taking an active part in RDE development after a break. With his professional, veteran expertise we are hoping to make the script more stable, faster and feature-rich than before.

    As for the script, you may remember that I called it Five Star Response in the previous post. Well, now we are proud to say that we have managed to seamlessly program the real sixth star into the game. Therefore, the script will now be called (you guessed it) Six Star Response, and will almost completely replace the vanilla dispatch.meta with a much more configurable and powerful system.

    Right now the focus is on the script and stability, and we are making progress squashing bugs that pop up. We are continiously adding new features and refining old ones. Because of that, it will be some time before we are ready to present you with a finished product. Until then, enjoy some of new screenshots by Jax675.


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    @Yard1 Not filling me with confidence!

  • @AngryDJ Boo-hoo.

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    @Jax765 Go away!

    Potentially new FIB agents
    Potentially new unmarked cars
    Six stars
    Did I mention FIB SWAT?


    In all seriousness, this is amazing and I CAN wait. Usually the longer it takes, the better it will be.

    Gives the user above me a dirty look

    I've been working on my own models and such (alternative FIB SWAT, more FIB Agents (can explain later) unmarked cars, a WIP DLC) but nothing can compare to this. All aboard the hype train!

    6/5 Stars (heh)

    Edit: -4. You're a mature bunch

  • Gotta give the Army some love as well:
    Military Juggernaut

  • @Yard1 I have to say I'm very impressed with your progress! A few questions if you have the time! Is the army juggernaut going to be tougher than the police counterpart? Are there are going to be alternatives to the six star wanted level if someone doesn't want the army involved? Also, are you planning to improve the cop AI behaviour on lower wanted levels to try to detain the player before shooting him down? Thank you for your contribution to the gta mod community and I hope to see the mod to its release as soon as its finished :)

  • @Yard1you are one of the most important members of the team. Thank you for the news about this mod. But could you upload more pictures and other information about RDE?

  • @Manos213 Yes, the army juggernaut will be tougher and will have different weapons. By default the Army won't spawn at 6 stars, it will only spawn when you are in certain vehicles, but there will be an optional config with army at 6 stars. Everything will be configurable in an XML file. The cop behavior improvement at lower levels is planned, but we don't know if it will make it for initial release.

    @Mr_Cheburashke Don't say that. I am only the guy who posts here :P I'd upload more, but that's all we have right now! We do have some people working on promotional stuff as well though - we know you guys love it, hell, I love good RDE pictures myself! I am hoping to get Dilapidated and possibly some other people to make an AMA session, but that's only a concept - it would be a pain to set-up, with different time zones and whatnot.

  • @Yard1 military Juggernauts?

    So that's what the equipment was going to be used for before our beloved protagonist stole it...

    Every new picture posted is just fuel for the fire in the engines of the hype train...

  • @Yard1 What about K-9 units? We going to see those in the mod?

  • @Golden_Darknezz According to Yorpie's reply here, probably not.

  • Looking for help finishing a model! Reply or kik me. MaxDellz

  • @Golden_Darknezz Not at release. Possibly in the future :)

    Have some more screens by me and Jax guys (glorious 4K)!

  • @Yard1 Any news ?

  • @Mr_Cheburashke Not much to show ATM, we are working on bug fixes and polish on the SSR script.

  • Hi Yard. I know you probably get a million of these a day, but I'm lost. I recently purchased Zmodeler and I am having serious trouble creating/editing peds. I understand the basics, but it's hard to explain. Would there be any chance you could share some advice/tips when convenient? Thanks!

  • @keegan44582 Send me a PM here.

    Everybody, if you have any questions regarding 3.0, ask them here. We will answer every question!

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