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Can't install any modded bike in GTA 5

  • I tried to install a pack of 100 bikes (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/zbike-add-on-55-bikes-compilation-pack), followed all instructions in the file inside the downloaded archive, but the game crashes.

    I tried to install some other single bikes too, which they tell me to overwrite the bati.yft, bati.ytd, bati_hi.yft files with the ones of the downloaded archive from gta5-mods website, i tried several of these type of mod, using OpenIV but no luck, when I start the game it donwloads some files again like it was a patch. and when the game itself opens, i found a bati (the non advertizing one, but the one solid color one), but it wasn't the modded bike i choosed, only the "vanilla" bati.

    So how can put real life bikes in Grand Theft Auto 5 (story mode)?


    Use the mods folder. You also need to use a custom gameconfig.xml to prevent crashes.

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