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Installation of Script Hook V

  • Hello
    I have downloaded the scripts I need, but I can seem to open them. I wanna open them in GTA 5 storymode on ps4. Can anyone pls help? I would appreciate it:)

    I know that I´m a noob, ahah:)

  • @johan_binderup

    You cannot use mods on consoles, we do not condone that here. Can a moderator please lock this thread?

  • getting tired of the same stupid noobs with consoles that cant read FAQ when they first join. There should be a rule that forces you to read FAQ when you first sign up and you cant start any new threads for at least 2 or 3 weeks as a new user. Since all they do is either ask for car requests or stupid console modding questions.

  • @johan_binderup Sorry dear friend these mods are not supported on consoles. and they are for singpler mode of PC only. Please read the website rules and guidelines for future posts :)

    @LeeC2202 Thanks for the Flag.

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