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Converting New Cars - Video Tutorials for Creating New Car Mods

  • Tutorial Videos

    I have not made any video tutorials for this myself so none of these are mine, even though i have a half completed written/screenshot one i've not included that here yet though I kept meaning too finish it for friends as all the videos that are available are either too confusing or too complicated or in the wrong language etc which can make it very difficult for someone with 0 experience to make their first successful mod when these tutorials dive into making every single thing from scratch, but all I've done is some private written ones so for now here's a collection of what's available from others. Using these you should be able to pick up the basics and figure your way to converting your first car. hopefully :)

    MadGaz's Conversion tutorial [ENGLISH] [VOICE] 5 parts

    Official Zmodeler3 Channel [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

    Game6820 [FRENCH] [VOICE]
    Various Modding Tutorial Playlist

    AntounPlaysGames tutorial for making police cars from normal cars [ENGLISH] [VOICE]

    Arkhantia Studio's tutorial for UV mapping a car creating a new skin and template


    zQrba [TURKISH] [Visual Only]

    benjamim xdplay [PORTUGESE] [VOICE]

    Zen-Imogen [ENGLISH] [Written words only]

    Arkhantia Studio's conversion tutorial [FRENCH] [VOICE]

    There are a few other youtube tutorials scattered about now but not many

    And of course there are other tutorials on these forums which you will want to look at for extra things that you might not learn from the videos.

    Some videos in this list have multiple parts which i haven't linked (i've only put the first video on some) but the others will pop up to play next on youtube after the first one finishes or you'll be able to select it from the recommended videos on the side.

    Find a new tutorial or make one? post it below i'll add it to the list.

    Information is always available in the official zmodeler3 forums and you can ask there if you get stuck

    Converting from GTA IV And GTA SA requires zmodeler 2 to open the files then save them as files compatible with zmodeler 3, all car conversions are done in zmodeler 3.

    Converting from any game and any format is virtually the same you just have different names on your parts different amounts of parts and will have to do cutting and chopping of doors and such

    I will try add a list of important to know zmodeler3 keycommands to here later

    use gimp or photoshop for editing textures
    useful link for bumpmap creation http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/

    If you encounter a problem (or rather When you encounter a problem) feel free to ask in the facebook group and a more experienced modder may be able to answer solve your problem, please do ensure you have watched your chosen tutorial properly though before asking something.

  • Any tutorials on converting SA models to V. I really want that Peterbilt Wrecker from GTA SA

  • @mzaliac14 its exactly the same as IV, except to extract the san andreas textures you need a small free program, i forget the name but if you google [how to open "name of san andreas texture file"] then you will find out what the program is called, so just follow the IV conversion tutorial :)

  • Extracting textures one can use TXD Workshop. But I dont really know how to create 3d models for gta. If someone can just make that beast I'd really appreciate.

    this is the one I'm talking about.

  • Thank you for posting all these videos together, I really want to start modding. Long road ahead but I am determined. I tried last year, but there weren't many tutorials around at the time (that I knew about at least)
    Also, for some reason I remember the ZModeler3 license being a lot more than $3 a month...that's nothing lol. Although I will probably need the 12 month :p

  • @VisualParadox Well good luck mate :)


    zm3 forums are way more helpful that these tutorials i thinks so cuz i learned from forums a tons of things about gta v basic cars functions and materials work

  • @Faysal
    You seem to now most things about materials, so here's one question?
    Why Zmodeler has the "Default Material" bug when i try to export a car ?
    I just merged and adapted some parts, and EVERY GODDAMN THING has it's own material, except the Default Material. If i apply a material to the Default Material, GTA V crashes.
    What should i do? No problems on sending the .z3d .

  • @Faysal i learnt very little from the forums but they did have some useful information thats why i included them in the list, but the tutorials on the forums that are in video format are some of these videos ive included here.. and i learnt to convert from some of these videos combined with me just having a bit of general knowledge and knowing how computers/games/model programs etc worked and doing a bit of guesswork on my own until i figured out how to make stuff work, that combined with a few friendly modders who told me what was up on fb when I had issues (at least, the ones who told me simply helped, as some people have no idea how to explain things simply)

    @SerranitaMods why are you trying to apply a texture to the default material ball? leave it blank, just specced thats all, default material is what objects revert to using if you delete their material ball, if you haven't deleted any other material balls nothing will be using default material, if you have deleted some just make some new ones and map the textures to them

  • @AuthorSaulAlan I have to apply the material on the default one, otherwise Zmodeler bugs out and says " Can not obtain Shader from Default Material "
    I know already I shouldn't.
    Any help? Can send you my Z3D if you want to see it.

  • @SerranitaMods all you have to do is GTAV>Generic>spec on it, nothing else, that error comes when you don't do that


    @SerranitaMods the default material ar used for dummies and collisions surfaced sometimes it hold you from exporting best solution for it is to make as vehicle_basic material "gta v >> vehicle_generic >> vehicle_basic" then you will see dummies are way too colorful don't save the file just export the car don't worry about warning missing textures of default material just export the car and undo the change you maid so dummies will looks normal as it was than save the file
    Ps: each time you will do the steps to export file that has this problem that how i fix it and i don't know what couses the problem


    @AuthorSaulAlan yea i get you but these tutorial are multy languages hard to undrstand what been maid little complicated i have 350msjs with Oleg asking about stuff how it roll hhh lol but i help anyone who ask about some problems that i know how to be fixed anytime

  • @Faysal Lol gotta give Oleg credit for being there for everyone

  • I've got a WIP car from GTA SA in GTA 5 that I know shouldn't work yet, but I'm trying to figure out what it needs. Does anyone know what ERR_STR_FAILURE_3 is caused by? Because if I figure out the cause then I know what to fix first to get it ingame.

  • @baba0rum I found that just after I made my post after looking for a while. I could only find it when including "mod" in the search. It turns out I forgot the game can't load models over a certain size (13.5MB or something) and mine was 15. I've done some stuff to cut it down to 10.8 and now it spawns in game, so thanks.

  • @TheAdmiester great!

  • @AuthorSaulAlan Hey, just had a couple questions if you don't mind.
    Is converting 3d models from sites like Turbosquid more difficult than converting from another GTA title? Also, what is the range of polygons in terms of quality in your opinion? For example, I am looking at one with 500,000 polygons which I assume is very good quality, but there is another one I want which is only 67,000. Would that turn out okay, or is 67,000 pretty bad?

  • @VisualParadox I can answer for you.

    Yes, it's harder. Converting a model from GTA 4 will likely have many things already done for you depending on the quality of the mod. Collisions will already be there, dummies will already be there, textures will already be mapped and materials already defined (you simply need to adapt them to GTA 5 ones).

    As you might imagine, a Turbosquid model isn't made for games so it also might not have separated doors/boot/bonnet, a low quality interior, etc. A lot of people who make VIP/paid mods use models that are honestly lacking far too much to warrant paying for but that's another story.

    As for the polycount, the lower, the better to an extent. 500,000 on a single car is a lot more than GTA is expecting, and at the very least you should have some good LODs for it if you're considering putting it into the game. 67,000 is actually pretty much ideal, because stock GTA cars usually have between 70,000 and 90,000 polygons. It's more about how the model looks than sheer polycount. If you're conservative you could probably get the same quality out of a 50,000 polygon model as a 500,000 polygon model if you take car and are an efficient artist.

    TL;DR: Turbosquid is more difficult, 67,000 polies is actually a lot better than 500,000 for GTA.

  • @TheAdmiester FYI, the max file size is like 20mb or a little over. There's a mod in development that is about 20mb in size. It is worth noting that file sizes don't really apply to textures. You can have a 45mb texture file and still be fine.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 I don't mean file sizes in this instance, I mean that a 500,000-700,000 polygon model, especially one with no LODs, will start to cause pop-in ingame if there are a few on screen. It's always a good idea not to put really high poly mods into popgroups unless they have good LODs.

  • @TheAdmiester Yeah... I was actually referencing a previous post of your above, and the poly limit seems to be 500,000. If I remember correctly anything above that and the game crashed.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Oops, forgot that post was in this thread.

    Also, cars over 500,000 definitely work. The Bentley Mulsanne mod that came out recently-ish is 780,000 and works just fine.

  • @TheAdmiester Ah. well the mod I'm talking about is a boat, so maybe it's different? Anyway, a 780,000 poly count would be great as it will allow for more detail. And I also have a HMMWV with a rather high poly count (Above 2 million) in zmodeler yet in 3DS Max and Maya it has a polycount of 320,00 polys. Oh, and the file is roughly 15mb. So that should make optimization easier.

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