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Story Mode

  • Hey guys, I havent done the story mode since the game came out and that was on the 360 so I'm planning on playing GTA on the PC and doing the story mode. Was just curious if there are any must have addons while playing story mode or if there are any. Any suggestions would be appreciated thank you!

  • Hi

    There is many great mods to use with story mods, so before I can suggest any mods I kind of need to know more about what you are looking for.

    But I can give some tips for categories of mods but I have no idea if this is anything you want:
    Police behavior - Better Chases + Arrest Warrant
    Car handling: - Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration (All Vehicles) 3.5
    Visual mods: - VisualV + Indian Ocean + Epic Explosions
    Vehicle expansion: - Realistic Nitro + NFS gauge + Simple Fuel + Vehicle Repair Station + I'm Not MentaL's Persistance Mod +
    Car Mechanic + Single Player Benny's Original Motor Works
    Missions/tasks: - Trucking Missions
    Game mechanic: - No More Disappearing Blips + Basic needs + Simple Foot Controls
    Weapon/combat overhaul: - Ripplers Realism
    HUD/UI: - Player Location Display
    Combat: - Bullet Time Mod + Knockout + Disarm
    Races: - Illegal Street Races + Street Races + Community Races
    Events: - More Random Events + Online Random Events
    Sound: - Real Life Thunder + Realistic guns sounds
    Things to buy: - Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership + Single Player Apartment

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