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[VEHICLE][WIP] Albany Washington facelift (Lincoln Town Car)

  • Working on making the Albany Washington look more like the Lincoln Town Car (I only like lore-friendly vehicles)

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    • Adding chrome trim
    • Removing 'executive' badges
    • Adding Albany and Washington badges
    • Adding chrome surround to licence plate
    • Changing wheels
    • Raising and adjusting suspension

  • Looks great!

  • @glennoconnell dude I hope that's not the only vanilla car you're going be work on cause that Washington almost look the the real thing good job

  • @v8charger222 Thanks! Trying to get it as close as possible to the real thing but not so much that it's not lore friendly anymore.

    I've done tweaks to the Panto and Seminole, but they were just tests really, a bit buggy. Hopefully will redo those. The Washington is my first real attempt at editing a car.

    Also working on an updated Granger more closely resembling a Chevrolet Suburban. Tweaks to the Cavalcades and Landstalker. There are so many cars I want to change! haha

  • @glennoconnell Yeah I was gunna say that too ^ you're really good.

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